Discussion of falling SP Farm Profitability

I’ve been operating a small SP farm for the past 6 months and I am questioning my choices as profits have gone negative.

Is there a reason for the low injector price compared to PLEX?

Do any of you folks SP farm for isk? How are you thinking about the price moves?

Too many farms around, maybe? Prices go down when supply is higher than demand. Now SP farmers compete for sales, this inevitably drive prices down.

Some players will leave this market and prices will go up. If I understand correctly, after initial setup, SP farm cost nothing except PLEX for Omega and MCT’s, so you can stop at any time and get back to it than prices will be better.


Cashing out tons of 900 mil mptc

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More and more people are realising that you can get Omega benefits (minus the SP) for approximately nothing by simply stripping your SP each month and selling them.

Most gankers I know do this. It’s an easy way to run ten accounts for a minimal cost.

It’s only been Rorquals being so powerful and rorqual mining so scaleable that meant that injectors remained as high as they have.

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This same trend happens every year. Farming gets super profitable so everyone and their dog buys into farmers. Market gets flooded by injectors , the summer sales hit which drives the prices down and eventually it catches up.

Then everyone and their dog sells out of their farms because they are no longer making easy isk. Some of the bigger more prepared farmers just survive on their giant stock pile or Plex and mptc and extractors that they horded during the sales so they really aren’t losing as much isk as the guy who pays month to month and is at the mercy of the market.

Give it a few months. Prices will bounce back, then everyone will buy back in.

Thanks for all the responses!

Running entire accounts (i.e. all 3 characters as farms) has been unprofitable for some time. I run SP farms in spare slots of accounts that would be subbed anyway and they are still profitable in their own right, say around 300m per character after injector payoff, MPTC & extractor cost. Would you mind clarifying which kind of farm you’re talking about; primary (all 3 accounts) or secondary (spare pilots)?

My farms are really inefficient, mainly because they weren’t originally set up as SP farms but as industrial alts that took advantage of alpha trading to get to 5 m SP. So i don’t even use MPTC in my farms (at least not yet).

For 1 thing the multiple training certificate sales helped drive the average monthly maintenance cost isk wise on other hand people chose wisely what to do with said alts such as PI

You need to use all three char slots per account to make it a profit… meaning you get to put some isk in your bank account AFTER all costs inquired for the next months work. That said, you do need a certain number of accounts to make sp farming profitable. Its more pain in the ass than fun to run that many accounts… I just have a few setup from before the crash, which I know I had a huge hand in when I cashed out 21 characters sp… Im sorry I broke your profits… Im hoping it comes back up. You really better when there is 400 mil difference between extractor and injectors… and the variables are plex and mctc.

My fingers hurt

If I was eating food I would have spit it out all dramatic like they do in the movies. You realize there are people who frequent these forums daily that run hundreds if not thousands of character farms? I know some with accounts numbering in the mid 100’s.

21 characters isn’t even a drop in the bucket.

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yea ur prolly right, I mean 21 chars with like 30-70 mil sp each cashed out instantly wouldnt affect the markets. I guess I was just bragging huh or something right? I mean it did make me 225 billion isk… I see the market dropped and never rose back up since that moment. Its just a coincidence. nothing to see here.

Exactly. Your little operation has no impact comparing to chinese invasion and the end of it. And with 225 bilion you are still broke, concidering how much those chars costed you in the beginning.

ya know I never realized how toxic and sick these people are till now. Im glad Im retiring lol

Awesome, less trolls for us.

I wasn’t trolling… and I know it is easy to just come to that conclusion, but maybe you are unaware, but your invalidation like this is really what Im talking about.

Personally I feel that is why most gamers move on from Eve Online to other games. Eve seems to have a hit or miss character to its community. Either you fit right in with the rest of the punks, or you stand out and are constantly battered or assaulted, invalidated or humiliated, perhaps ignored and tbh… I really dont care personally, but it does affect my gaming experience, and as a company who claims to care about their products and the community itself, you’d think these problems would be corrected.

But we are talking about humans aren’t we.

SP farms would be falling in value for the reason you stated then, if players are using virtual box and vm ware to get multi alphas running simo, or others ways to bend or even break rules or mechanics, intended functions, ie hundreds of omega accounts to farm liquid isk, then it shows why not only the value of the community has decreased, but also the items in game as well. lol…

Every day, on average, 6000 injectors are sold in Jita which is 3 billion SP, If we guess that half of that gets flipped then that’s still 3000 injectors/1.5b SP per day. The most generous estimate of what you sold is 640 injectors/320m SP. Sure, that’s pretty a big chunk of the daily volume (if you managed to sell them all in a single day), but it’s still only a blip that wouldn’t affect prices for months after your stock was sold.

You can see what happens when there’s a large influx of PLEX during isolated sales, the price drops 5-10% tops for a couple of days after the sale ends, and then it returns to normal. You need constant high volume to suppress the price significantly, 10% of the daily volume spread over a few days isn’t that.

There are much better explanations than a one off sale of injectors for the low SP farm profits, such as the constant sales on RMT goods allowing for people to stock up on those to reduce their costs below current market prices.

Ok, you was not trolling. You was sarcastic at your attempt to brag “I made billions, I ruined your profit, bla bla bla”. Do not surprise that your departure is welcomed.

Once upon a time people from chinese server decided to move on our server. China form of “goons” occupied almost entire null so there was no fun. To start here they needed SP. Lots of it. Now they

  1. have it
  2. lost the war
  3. their leader, who injected tens of thousands of real world money into the game via PLEX, was banned.
    That means demand for injectors crashed, supply stays on maximum level, PLEX supply somewhat crumble…

How is this related to extractor price skyrocketing? Fascinating subject, I want to learn more.

For the low low price of $2000 and 4 months of your time, you can! It’s called microeconomics, mostly a bird course though