Discussion of falling SP Farm Profitability

is a different issue. It is bound to plex price and since plex now go up price for extractor goes up too.

What causes PLEX to go up so much?

It is just market correction. If there would not be a chinese invasion, PLEX would be around 3,5-3,6 now. Freee market means it always demand and offer. Offer returns to same values as before chines migration or a bit shorter. Because now I do not need to sell 750 plexes to buy a 1,5 billion ISK toy, I need to sell less, than 500. Demand is higher, because CCP keep selling more and more new stuff for PLEX (new skins, skill extractors etc) instead of ISK. And also because all those, who payed real life money to get into rorquals want to cash their ‘investments’ back. Null sec accumulated so much ISK, that it would take World war bee second edition to make those money move instead of being stored in PLEX.

We are also hitting the winter period, which historically has some of the highest prices of the year as more people come back for the winter wars, and having more leisure time.

Once everyone starts doing something that makes a lot of profit, it doesn’t become profitable anymore. You only have so much demand, and once the supply gap closes you lose profit :D. That’s why you see so many modules below production price, it’s simply easier to take a slight loss than to have a bunch of stock that you can’t sell off

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