Skill Point Farmers

Just curious how far people have gone in this adventure. I am trying to make a google sheet with a plan so I can be self sufficient in Eve.

Tips are always welcomed!

Here is my plan. I have 7 account for a sp farm. I will be adding one account each month till I reach 12 accounts. This will include all characters training, so one plex and two multi training certificates each month. Once I make my 12 account mark, I plan to double it over a years time, giving me 24 accounts for sp farm. I would love to then double that again…

Just curious if anyone does this?


The injector market is fairly efficient. It works best if you use the characters for something else while they are training - PI, research, etc… I have several accounts that are fully trained for their job and quite profitable before skill farming. I get an additional 3 billion +/- per month for the cost of the extractors. That’s good business.


Past performance is not indictave of future results.

SP farming is an easy, and surprisingly robust way to get free money. If you aren’t farming every alt you can right now, you are doing it wrong. But given that, there is no reason it should stay profitable forever, and has been unprofitable at times in the past.

I’d say though if you need an army of alts for industry or ganking then it is a smart play. Even if the market returns such that SP farming is slightly unprofitable, having 12 or 24 low-SP omega accounts you can use is a major advantage on its own.

But I would say that you will spend a fair amount of time juggling accounts, logging in and out, buying PLEX and MCTs, extracting SP and selling them, setting up skill plans and the like that it isn’t totally without effort, although I guess a lot of that is front-loaded and once running, it probably only takes 10 minutes per account to make close to a Billion ISK - pretty good ISK/h. But there is also the opportunity cost of tying all that capital up into implants and SP.

A lot of Eve is like that though and if you are having fun planning and making spreadsheets and watching your SP farm grow, then have at it. I would just say though that I think we are in for a bit of a downswing in injector pricing right now with the summer activity drop and a likely appearance of a group of SP farms that were started in March with the first MCT price sale by CCP. You can see the tidal wave coming:

The number of SP injectors offered for sale has doubled in the last weeks, and prices have turned sharply down. I think margins on SP farms are going to be squeezed over the next months, so you might not be able to grow your SP farm as fast as your projections with the current numbers indicate.


Not sure if this is still relevant:

Dont forget about the Meteos pack, and such

That is CRAZY there. and CCP did fix this or not? and why would CCP ban people for using a broken feature of the game, if there is something broken, fix it. You cannot blame people for using mechanics as they work. whether intentional or not. Its the Devs RESPONSIBILITY to make sure the GAME is functioning properly. this was kinda difficult to read. So much hate in peoples minds and hearts these days :frowning:

I do not intend to break any rules that get my account banned but this just seems silly to me. Everyone will look for shortcuts, its human nature. I consider my SP farm a great asset and is making me more than I anticipated, even though I had done all the calculations and projection in a Google sheet. At the end of this year, I will have 12 skill point farming accounts with all characters running, and its all self sufficient AND it will make me over 16 billion ISK per month in wallet profits.

I cannot really complain here, nor am I looking for a new shortcut. I can double this output by simply, doubling my accounts but I think 200 bil a year is enough. If I need more, Ill get 400 bil a year for 24 accounts. Any more would be a waste and maybe hurt the economy here in the markets? I mean I alone will be needing hundreds of skill extractors each month.

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is this fixed?
" Letting an Omega expire while training will allow it to continue training at full speed."

if not, then now i understand why the selling amount of injectoros rised so huge… they didnt logged in some months and now they extracted their farms…

This is the problem with the current state of EVE. Everyone plays to PLEX their account(s). or at least try to. Nobody plays the game itself.


Update: Ichoose said, they patched this…

SP farming at the current price is almost unprofitable!! at most, you’ll profit about 100mil per character per month at the current price of PLEX, MTC, and Skill Injector. If this continue, we will see negative profit soon… time to find another passive income method. good luck to all SP farmers.

Sp farming for profit is over.

My calculations show that with today’s prices Plex 2,990,000 and large injector 707,000,000

you will make -230,000,000 approx per month

if you do all 3 characters on your account you will make -600,000,000 per month

even breaking into small injectors will only half your losses.

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Well, the margins are quite thin, but you can still make a profit.
(1) Use MPTC’s to open 2nd and 3rd skill ques on your existing omega accounts (MPTC are cheaper than Plex)
(2) Use +5 Implants
(3) Remap 32 Primary, 26 Secondary Attribute
(4) Use Standing Buy orders to buy MCT’s and Extractors
(5) Use Standing Sell Orders to Sell Injectors
(6) Save your Isk and buy in bulk when the prices of MPTC’s and Extractors drop (i.e. after NES sales and free MPCT’s with Omega specials)
(7) Make full use of cheap event cerebral accelerators and Biology V (for example, standard synapse accelerators can be had for about 8mil right now)

According to my calculations, however, you only need to do 1-3 in order stay isk positive (assuming you have enough existing Omega accounts to support your desired number of SP farms).

So if i skill farm up my highsec incursion multiboxers, I’d be isk positive? More so if I train the other characters towards, say, PI and Mining?

I’m also thinking of starting a farm, one account at a time. Got one that almost has 3 5m+ characters ready, and still wondering if now’s an okay time to start.

It’s alright. You have access to cheap accelerators that can be consumed until Oct 9th, but MPTC prices are a tad high. The most recent special seemed to have had no effect on prices (if I understand correctly, it’s because it automatically opened additional skill ques instead of giving sell-able certificates).
All that being said, I do suggest that you create your own spreadsheet with API price imports, that way you can better determine when best to buy and sell related items. It does require a bit of work to set up, but it will pay for itself in the long run. Oh, and if you’re unsure what are good or bad prices, check out Eve Market Data or Eve Marketer.

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yeah right now isn’t a great time for injector prices. the cost of plex and mptc’s are on the rise, and with another round of accelerators happening the price of injectors is lagging behind a good amount.
its still not horrible though, according to my spreadsheet (which is based on an average of 3.8 injectors per month
primary character is about a 70mil loss, secondary and tertiary characters are ~362mil profit per month. so if you’ve got all 3 characters being sp farmed your looking at about 650mil per month per account, which isn’t great considering the investment. BUT if you already have them up and running, its better than nothing (and it gives you plenty of utility alts you can use for other things)

I would say that SP farming on its own, right now isn’t worth the investment, at current prices you are looking at about a 30 month ROI for a full account (2 months training x3 characters +implants +1month for each character for initial extraction) however, if you have the characters already trained up, or you have some other use for them (cyno alts, pi, cloaky camping etc) then there is no reason not to farm them.

So I can go have at it just so I can properly multibox incursions whole paying for its own subs?

by the time you get the incursion alts trained up the market is likely to have changed. but yeah, if you have another use for those characters then no reason not too. even if you only do 1 character per acct, you can look at it as SP farming reducing the cost to keep them omega to 70mil instead of 1.4bil or whatever in exchange for not making any more training progress. (or you can go 50/50 by only extracing 1m sp per month, which will give you about the same overall training speed as an alpha account, but will let you train/use omega skills for about half the price of a sub.)

Uh they’re mostly there except t2 guns, and two aren’t filled with 5m sp guys. Would it still be some gain or equal if I start all of them?

the ones that are full, you will be making a profit on. the ones that aren’t full, (if you only have 1 character on each) you will still be paying a little bit per month for them. but MUCH less than without sp farming.

Ahh gotcha, the ones that aren’t full only have a second that isn’t ready yet

once you get the second character up and running on those, then the accounts will be paying for themselves off of sp farming alone. you will only be making ~260m or so per month from the 2 character accounts, so not gonna become a trillionaire off of it or anything. but its better than nothing. and if you don’t have anything else you need to train on those characters, its effectively free isk.