Simple skill farming

Hi all, I want to farm an alt, in not fussed about efficiency or using more than one etc, just want to know if it’s possible to train a million sp in a month to get 2 large skill ejectors worth. Just looking for a little balance top up.

Current plan is to use some +5’s, remap for the best for a certain skill and just train it none stop.


Rough post I know.


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You should be able to get reliably 3 injectors per month keep in mind you’ll need to acquire extractors too

Yeah, they’re about half a bil ATM and large skill injector’s sell for almost a bil so theres a sizeable profit.

Good idea to do PI on that toon too.

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well … you pay a subscription on that char or you plex the account or you use a Multiple Pilot Training Certificate … you buy that with isk or real money … calculate that too

our char needs to be over 5 million skill points AFTER extraction
you cant extract from a alpha clone

if you are on +5 implants and you do max remap you should get more then 3 skill injectors but we calc that with 3

so you extract 3 skill injectors and sell em and get
3 extractors paid in isk are ~1.500.000.000 isk (bit under 500 mill) … 50% of what you get
a MCT for your char (its on the sam account as your main) is in amarr at the moment … thats the cheapest and its a bit over 2 bill …

so that 3.5 bill costs for 3 bills income and no tax calculated yet … so you need to extract 4 per month or at least 7 in 2 months to keep a few hunderet millions … calculate PI to it and you have some isk more but it sounds not like you can plex your account with that …


You should be able to train one million skill points in a month. Just a little reminder just in case : you still need five millions skill points before you can use an extractor on your character.

As @Daichi_Yamato said, you can also use that character as a PI alt, and training up to good PI skills should get you those base 5 millions SP.

If youre starting from scratch, it will take a while. You need to train an alt to 5 million skillpoints, first. Which takes around 2-3 months.

So thats 2-3 months of nothing but losing ISK/money. If you go the Alpha route, thats fine, but then its double the time.

Hi all, some clarification.

I’ve returned to Eve with my main toon, a 2005 90mil SP toon, after stumbling across a few low level ALTs that I drained of SP’s for isk I found another I’d forgot about with over 25m SP, made around 16bil selling her off. She now sits at 5.5m SP will full remap in Willpower and Perception training spaceship command skills to sell off again at the end of the month.

I’m not fussed about making a profit or buying Plex etc, I’ll just pay the sub fee when I can afford it and if not, I won’t.

And using her as a PI alt, is that viable? I always saw it as a waste of time and never really made any money doing it, I’m not interested in an active alt as I only really PVE but if it’s worthwhile I’ll look into it. Thanks for all the responses.



I have tried but was not positively surprised!

found a better way
Login Eve online homepage
go to Plex
buy Plex
sell Plex on market
Get many isk
Me happy
Done :laughing:


Depends. I used to have an extensive PI alt farming, which did okay. Just a lot of effort. I still log on and move stuff around if i have the time, but i cant really seem to find an hour each day to do it anymore.

If you have a single alt, that is doing PI, your options are usually limited to just low profit factory worlds. Depending on what you choose to do, which I used to do as well, you can make around 50-100 mill every 3-4 days, but prices fluctuate wildly and can eat up your profit margin. Its been a while though since i had to run a solo PI farm, so i dont know about whether its as good now as it was back then.

The key to passive PI income (in my opinion) is to keep it small.
If you go too big or involved then the time investment will start to burn you out and impacts your entire Eve experience.

If your just going to do the one Alt for some passive ISK I would not do more than 3-4 planets making just P1 or possibly P2 (to keep the hauling down).
You won’t make as much as you could doing a “factory planet”, but you won’t have to chase the market and retool if your product crashes in value.
I also never do cycles shorter than 5 days and frequently only touch pi once a week.

For me, once a week for an hour or two and it still feels like a game. More than that and it fast becomes a job

What profit would that bring?


Thank you for being sensible.

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not if you do your research.


Not everyone would want to do their research, every day, every time they buy materials, haul it, and move it around system.


Learn to play like a boy.


Learn to play like a man.

Reported back.

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