Skill Point Farmers

(Isaac Galang) #21

Wait if that pays for itself should i still train a third up?

(Bjorn Tyrson) #22

I wouldn’t right now, at least not unless you had some other use for that third character (like PI, industry, etc). since with current prices it would take ~2 years for that third character to earn you as much isk as you would spend on training it up.

(Isaac Galang) #23

Welp, alpha training it is then, or heck maybe daily alpha injectors

(Black Blondie) #24

My calculations use ever single one of Shipwreck_Jones tricks and I get -600 mil per month let me break it down.

Plex buy price 2.99 mil each 500 needed for game time 485 each each MTC that is 1470 Plex before you even buy your extractors.

extractors needed will be 3.89 per toon for perfect attributes with +5 implants so that equates to 11.67 extractors per account.

With special that is current where you can buy 10 extractors for 1120 plex that equates to 112 plex each, rounded down that is 1307 plex more you require each month.

Making a grand total of 2777 plex every month per account.

You using buy orders so add broker fees of at least 2.5% in Jita

11.67 injectors to sell using sell prices, subtract broker fees and sales tax best case with perfect skills 3.5% with prices of 707 mil for each injector.

Outlay = 8,510,810,750 ISK every month ( 2777 x 2,990,000 x 1.025 )

Incoming = 7,961,915,850 ISK every month ( 11.67 x 707,000,000 x 0.965)

Loss = - 548,894,900 ISK every month ( 7,961,915,850 - 8,510,810,750 )

And to make maters worse this has been trending down for sometime the glitch has rendered skill farming dead at least for now.

If you are using a character for something else and he has all the skills he needs sure sell his excess skills but toons just for farming will not make you isk any more.

(Erin Kore) #25

If you buy your MPTC with PLEX, you’ll run a loss, sure. But you can also buy them directly with ISK on the market. Currently the price of the MPTC sits around 1.2B, which is more than it was when there were biweekly offers on Galaxy Packs, but still considerably less than the 1.45B which you’d pay if you bought the MPTC with PLEX (at 3M / PLEX).

(Shipwreck Jones) #26

Alright, Black Blondie has made a few mistakes with his math (and how he suggests running a farm). Does he need to double check his work, or is he a SP Farmer that is intentionally trying to discourage possible competitors? Who can say? Unlike many other activities, however, you don’t have to take someone’s word for how profitable injectors can be. You can sit down with google and a spreadsheet, and figure it all out for yourself -whether that be an hour after this post and with current prices, or two years after this thread has been archived.

(Black Blondie) #27

Even if you think the MTC prices are going to stay that low which they wont, you still wont return a profit.

you still need 1807 plex and 2 MTC

Outlay = 7,998,003,250 ISK (1807 x 2,990,000 + 2 x 1,200,000,000) x 1.025

Loss = -36,087,400 ISK per month

Much lower loss but still a loss.

Easy to say there is something wrong with my calculation, please point out the error Shipwreak Jones

You are correct in saying one thing I do want to discourage players from doing this so markets can recover, I did have a plan for a couple of toons that is no longer viable because this market has been over played.

(Shipwreck Jones) #28

Didn’t calculate taxes. Prices based upon buying from standing orders and selling to standing orders (in other words, it’s a worst case scenario). Set up your own (preferably in Citadels with low tax rates) in order to maximize profits. And once again, these tips will help:
(1) Use MPTC’s to open 2nd and 3rd skill ques on your existing omega accounts (MPTC are cheaper than Plex)
(2) Use +5 Implants
(3) Remap 32 Primary, 26 Secondary Attribute
(4) Use Standing Buy orders to buy MCT’s and Extractors
(5) Use Standing Sell Orders to Sell Injectors
(6) Save your Isk and buy in bulk when the prices of MPTC’s and Extractors drop (i.e. after NES sales and free MPCT’s with Omega specials)
(7) Make full use of cheap event cerebral accelerators and Biology V (for example, standard synapse accelerators can be had for about 8mil right now)

And, hopefully after all that, my own math doesn’t contain any erorrs :slight_smile: .
Edit: Damn it, I was supposed to use 12 standard and 1 extendend (and not 13).

(Shipwreck Jones) #29

Oh, by the way, MPTC prices do tend to be volatile, but (1) its price maxes out at 485 plex on the NES, and (2) its price can also take dramatic dips after sales and specials. Check out MPTC Price History around May 29, 2018) for data backing up this assertion.
MPTC with Omega Sale from May 29th this year

(Isaac Galang) #30

Ohh I’m hoping for a big sale to depress the price. MPTC has been upward for too long. Makes me want to wait for Black Friday sales first before I start lest I lose out.

(Anderson Geten) #31

indeed, that’s why it’s better to double check the works people present.

(Steeve In-disguise) #32

Market for injectors is somewhat volatile and to really stay profitable (For not quite good profit at that) you have to milk all them special offers, discounts, events with cerebral boosters in place etc.
But! If you won’t try to maximize it like crazy and prefer to do stuff at relaxed pace, you can do that. End result will be effectively training queue traded for effortless account plexing.
This leaves full list of omega benefits such as ability to fly that farm machine ship, have science/industry/market/PI slots, R&D agents (Lol, somebody still uses them?). Plus you have a lot of skill injectors at hand, so you can jump-start your new alts in perfect productivity. The only real problem is spreadsheeting all the stuff for alt army.

(Black Blondie) #33

So the verdict is in then.

if you do everything perfect you can use skill farming to break even give or take a slim margin, but as you will no doubt not be able to do everything perfect and you will have to pay taxes you will almost certainly make a loss.

But the point I made is that if you think having an account just for farming SP for isk is worth the billion+ isk investment it cost to setup don’t bother.

(Somn Dahma) #34

I’d have to agree. SP farming now costs isk unless you have dozens of omega’d accounts… hardly worth the effort for a mere 200 mil in the end.I’d rather spend that time running another ded or something, I can make more isk via other means.

(Somn Dahma) #35

Yea IDK what happened. Everyone got into it and it all crashed. I assume it will only drive plex prices up.

(CowRocket Void) #36

IMO the “break-even” is -750m/mo per account,because ill be playing eve anyway and 750m is easy to make.

(Isaac Galang) #37

Depends on how you make it though. Not everyone can make 750m easy or have enough time to do so.

(Hlamon) #38

Interesting. Less players will do SP farming, less PLEX’es will be needed. We will see some PLEX price correction?

More intersting, how many accounts actually used only for SP farming and nothing more?

(Bjorn Tyrson) #39

Probably more accounts than you might think. 30+ characters is considered a “small” so farm. And not many people actively run 10+ accounts for other things.

Injector prices will do correct themselves over time. But tend to lag behind plex prices by a month or so and are affected by easy accelerators. This most recent round of accelerators being as easy to get will probably keep the prices down for at least another month. But we may see them rebound closer to winter.

(Trader Ibaria) #40

Its seems to me that right now, the gap between the MPTC current price and the price ceiling of 485 PLEX is the driver for farming profits. If the MPTC continues to go up, to say 1.4 b isk would you continue to farm?

What would you say is the trigger price for the MPTC for you to stop farming?