Skill Point Farmers

(DarkAngelPritorian) #41

I have an SP farm of 190 characters and I’m sad to announce that I will retire all of them at the end of their monthly cycle. As of now, if you do everything right, you will make about 2% return on your investment. The return on investment is no longer worth the effort. For 190 characters, it usually take me 3-4 days to cycle all of them at the end of the month. That’s too much effort for such small return. I might restart the farm once it becomes more profitable again (with at least a 10% return on investment). Good luck to all that still sp farming.

(Somn Dahma) #42

Id rather just run another anomaly or something, a couple hours of c4 sites you got yourself a plex. the rest of the time you can pvp. I thought SP farming would bring me endless isk. It was nice at first then everyone caught on, it always ruins it when people get 200 some characters or accounts. I had one SP account and though that was nice, I wonder how much of a driving influence the large farms have on the dropping of the prices. If my plex pays for the month, then why are my SP as a resale not worth ■■■■? This is kinda frustrating CCP… I don’t want to send you 40$ a month for extractors, and another 20$ for a plex… just to get blown up in space.

Plex cost needs to come down, IDK why Eve has to be 15$ a month, if it was 5% a month per account, maybe…

The markets can be really cut n dry, if you are like me, not that great with investing in markets, You may want to stay clear of it. I lost a lot of isk setting up my SP farm and still haven’t made my return and its now costing me to run the account. :frowning: wtf ccp.

(darkestkhan Eriker) #43

WTF ccp… what ccp has to do with this? You choose to create sp farm right at the end of it being profitable. Can’t you use them for PI?

(Somn Dahma) #44

why bother. it cost money… lol

(DarkAngelPritorian) #45

I stop SP farming but now I’m loading up on Skill Injectors. I’m almost certain price will go up once most farms stopped producing due to not being profitable. Then resell it for a whopping profit.

(Black Pedro) #46

There is no reason SP prices will go up - it could be that PLEX prices come down as the farms shut down. There is still a near record high of inventory of Skill Injectors on the markets.

I mean they could, And likely at some point In the future they will go back up in price, but I wouldn’t bet all my chips on it, nor lock all my capital into that position.

(Vicky Vase Voltian) #47

Yeah man. PI does need money. Mission running, station trader, null sec ratting, one man rorqual fleet. Any money making attempt needs money.

Im kinda curious because I want to set one for myself. SP farm doesn’t need money to set up?

Its free market, When people spam the supply of a product, while the demand of that being stagnant, expect decreasing rate. Literally Economy 101.

Thats why we need to be flexible.

That is why PI people choosing rare systems which have flexibility in their colonies. This is why Station trader set up various list to trade. This is why LP farmer have several ways to liquidates their LP. This is why industrial people set up various manufactures.

Spam one product long enough and you can see it yourself the result.

So, does SP farm flexible enough? Is it good for me to start?

(Kaivarian Coste) #48

Metoo. This is a great time to stockpile and inject SP. It’s a buyer’s market.

(Elenoire Doissetep) #49

At current prices loss…

I have 4 alt running but stocked 50 mtc at 950 mil so for 2 year assured profit

Or i could sell the mtc stopping farming

Any opinion?

(DarkAngelPritorian) #50

Why not just sell the MTC for a profit? You’ll make the same or maybe even more. Do the math.

(Anderson Geten) #51

and it will cost less time. YOUR time, the only resource you actually are in limited quantity.

(Elenoire Doissetep) #52

The mark on time Is very good

(Trader Ibaria) #53

Volumes per day of the MpTC are at ~300. And that price may not be able to hold with that many dumped on the market without a price drop. I would sell instead of SP farming at this point, but definitely put on a few at a time.

(ProjectPhoenix) #54

Time to restart SP farming, the profit is back to 22% with the help of PLEX price dropping to around 2.950mil and MTC at around 1 billion each. Do the math yourself… some big SP farmers are clearly manipulating the SP farming business, trying to force small farms out so they get this niche market all to themselves. Everyone, restart your farm. screw those manipulators bastards…

I bet IChooseYou has something to do with the manipulation, his farm consists of more than 500 characters… and he pays no broker fee selling injectors at his own trading hub, thus, he can undercut others and still come out on top…

(Linus Gorp) #55


(Erin Kore) #56

A new DLC pack sale started recently on GMG. So that means more influx of MPTCs, extractors and PLEX from people buying Galaxy Packs.

I don’t think the price drop is due to manipulation, but rather because of this sale.

(Mstache) #57

I have 8 alts I skill farm, while making super and titan prints and parts to sell, they also make a profit skill extracting. Yes profits have gone down, but there is still a reasonable margin if you have already put the time into getting them +5 implants, remapping them, buying mct.
My math goes

3.888 skill injectors per 30 day mct with maxed implants ect (2700 per hour x 24 hours a day x 30 days per mct)=1,944,000 skill points÷500,000 per skill injector=3.888

700-340 =360 ( injector sell vs extractor buy)

360×3.888 1.39968B ( round up 1.4 b)

Mct costs 1.05b (buy in bulk around 950 when sales going on for much bigger profit if you can afford)

1.4-1.05= 350 mil per month per character, do this over 8 characters, and I let them sit in 2 month intervals. That’s 5.6 bil profit for barely over an hour in game extracting once every 60 days. The profit used to be double that so people could be super inefficient and still make a profit.

(Dark Genie) #58

Anyone can share the perfect skill plant for Sp farmers start with 0SP? and which skills i should re-train for extract SP?

(CowRocket Void) #59

there is no “perfect” plan, its mostly personal choice.

(Dark Genie) #60

Can you give some suggest about it?