Skill Point Farmers

(Erin Kore) #61

First dump as many points as you want into Planetary Interaction. If you want your skillfarm to do PI for some extra income, this is worthwhile. Essential skills are Command Center Upgrades and Interplanetary Consolidation, which both are CHA/INT skills. Other useful skills are Planetology and Advanced Planetology, which are INT/MEM. So a remap with points going to INT and CHA would be beneficial.

After that, grab a few ranks of useful piloting skills. Gallente Industrial to fly an Epithal (if you start as Gallente, this skill is free) and whatever basic piloting/fitting skills you deem necessary, purely as a QoL thing to make flying around the Epithal faster. No need to remap for this, as it’ll just be 1 or 2 ranks of each skill.

Once the character is set for PI, it really doesn’t matter what you put skillpoints in as you won’t be using those skills. Find a set of skills with the same primary / secondary attribute. A good category is Spaceship Command. Many skills there use Perception/Willpower. So remap for those stats and just queue up a boatload of ship skills. When you get close to 5M SP, find some skills you have at low rank to fill up the bar to exactly 5M. Once you hit 5M, just keep training the same type of skills, ideally high ranks so you don’t have to queue up so many.

Get perception/willpower implants to increase the rate of learning.

(Cass Fortuna) #62

A good idea would be to train first Cybernetics to V to allow for +5 implants to maximise SP/hr. After that you are free to chose which stats you want to maximise - a good choice would be intelligence and memory with a perfect remap (maximum points in Intelligence, rest in memory).

With this you can train skills in scanning and industry as they can help to supplement your SP farm with blueprint research/copying for sales, or using the character for manufacturing items/reactions. Scanning skills are useful if you want to sell the character off later or use it as a scanning alt. You can also train a lot of the core ‘magic 14’ skills with an Intelligence/Memory map to further enhance the usefulness of your character down the line.

(Shipwreck Jones) #63

Yeah, this thread convinced me to make a video on SP Farms, which I expanded into a series on everything Skill Point related. Anyway, here’s the link if you’re interested. Skill Injector & SP Farm Guide