WTS Bulk Injectors

WTS 347 injectors @ 620m each in Perimeter.

Post here if you want them. Minimum 50.

found the negative isk farmer

No, I just don’t play anymore so I extracted 6 accounts.


Perimeter TTT

Bump up


Buy my stuff

I will offer you 200B for them all.

Selling to buy orders would do me better than that

I buy at buy orders already. And I guess you’re not leaving Eve? Or want that bank account in case you come back? This always happens when people say I am leaving, but selling X, and then all of a sudden it isn’t a good deal like you are doing anything with it…or are you.

So you don’t think I was trying to take advantage of you here were my thoughts.

200B = $2,500 in real money to Plex to isk
347 Extractors = $1,500 in real money to Plex to isk

That is a $1,000 profit. Which I thought was fair. And just a different way to look at it. I know isk isn’t real money, but sometimes bringing people to reality shows the conversion helps.

If you are not leaving the game, fair enough, go sell them to buy orders.


Also, care to direct us all to the magical kingdom where you buy injectors for plex?

It isn’t that magical but on EveOnline.com you can buy with real money. But in the NES you can buy with plex in-game or through the EveOnline Portal aka app. Once maybe twice a year there will be a sale on the extractors, but fairly rare. I used to have a skill farm, but think I have lost more than I made to be honest.

If you are not actually quitting the game and have a huge skill point farm that is fine. I thought you might be leaving the game and was dumping to give all your buddies 50B each as a good bye I don’t know. If you are running a skill farm and you are trying to plex your account through this one activity again okay that is fine many want this, and why CCP continues to give skill packs out because they DO NOT want players with free OMEGA skill farm accounts that is very clear now. And why there will always be downward pressure on skill points. They do come up, but you will see price rise with a pack in the store to bring it back down.

Skill injectors fluctuate a lot and the price I offered you ensures I can sell them all and make a profit too. You avoid sales and broker tax contracting them to me, I still have to pay sales and broker tax to get them through the market, not to include additional broker fees to update orders. If you factor that back in the price if you have level V for tax, I offered you roughly 600M each.

I hope that helps, offer stay open, being really fair here, list one on the market at sell price and see what your tax fee is, it may help see what I am saying above.

I don’t have a skill farm but I’m not quitting, just didn’t need a few accounts & I refuse to pay transfer fees.

Fair enough and I understand better the situation. 620M each is a good price for someone looking to quickly boost a player up to the 80M skill points.

Good luck with your sale, it will take some time, but slowly over time depending on the market price they will all sell.



Up we go

Umm team could you please buy my stuff because this game is ass

Still for sale?