WTS Skill Injectors + Extractors sold

920m per injector sold
495m per extractor - sold
4.6m plex sold

Got a few hundred of each in stock

Bump, still got some more - feel free to mail me or just reply to the thread with how many you need

still got another 380~ extractors and 120~ injectors

I could do 150 extractors at 480 a piece. Need that to make a profit.

Price is not negotiable
Thanks for the offers tho :slight_smile:

Please contract 20 extractors to me

also got plex for sale @4.6m, come get it before it’s gone!

Need 40 skill extractor 485M each, contract to Feya

Back to the top

okay I’ll take 80 @ 495M

Extractors are gone, got another 200~ injectors to sell - can do bulk deals

5 LSI remaining, come get them :slight_smile:

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