Is EVE a saving money simulator or what? Everybody seems obsessed about accumulating ISK

Why do you need ISK?

Specially: why industrialists need ISK? You just accumulate a digital number in a video game.

You WORK A LOT to increase this number and apparently that’s all your goals here.

Seems pointless lol.


Why do you need Items? 100 years from now, youll be dead, and you wont be able to log into World of Warcraft, or Ultima Online, or whatever MMO there is.

The answer is, its a goal, its fun, it helps us as a milestone as to what we want to acheive in EVE. Some people really really want to collect every single item in a game, Some people want all the mounts, etc etc. You ask them why they need to collect every mount in a video game? Because they want to, because its enjoyable, because its a collection. Who cares, so long as youre having fun in a video game intended to have fun.


You don’t. You should prove you are not obsessed with hoarding isk by sending yours to me.


No! She should send it to me. I am a poor alpha who has recently started to play and I am in dire need for some ISK for some ships. But I bet she wasted all her ISK on these airbags. And with that kind of dumb attitude, she probably needs them more often than not as much as she keeps bumping into all kinds of embarrassing obstacles and traps.


The game itself is pointless. You accomplish no productive goal by playing any video games. The goal is to do what you enjoy doing for the sheer joy of it. For them, it’s a matter of accumulating isk as a metric to quantify their performance.


I stopped counting at 10 cuz being able to throw away BCs meant I was ~le space rich~

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Engaging combat is better than isk.


when market was something - collecting isk was just fun, like makeing bussines in real life. It was fun to make a profit, but now i agree with you it is pointless. I dont play for long time but have some isk from old days when it was fun to make them.
pvp without purpose - just to shoot is not fun at all - if you want to be just bandit take a bat and go out - there are panty of real targets - another bandits who glady will fight for real blood.

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Trying to decide which is more disturbing- your character name or avatar… :grimacing:

ISK is just a means to an end for me, allowing me to acquire ships to fly poorly.

i need isk because i have to get 60b for the last skill i havent collected

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Why is it any of your business? Who the hell are you to tell anyone, especially in a sandbox game, how to play the game?

If a person wants to ship spin and station trade/build all day to collect ISK that’s their business. I doubt if CCP cares so, why do you?

Of course with a character name like that I guess we shouldn’t expect deep or insightful conversation or anything… :roll_eyes:

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I wonder what the median age would be if everyone made a bet as to how old the OP is.

“it’s a matter of accumulating isk as a metric to quantify their performance” Brilliant ☆☆☆☆☆

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First time I’ve seen Eve called a saving money simulator. Right on, that’s about a biggest part of it. Trying to accumulate ISK, mammon, and filthy lucre. Some people are really good at it. The richest ones of them seem to do it with pretty genius and highly secret market-working methods, and they never mention spaceships or flying around in space. But for most of us ISK-grubbers, it’s about being able to saving up to get blown up in a shiny ship that you can’t afford.

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Because ISK lets you buy things? Seriously, one of the first things new players hear from more experienced players is “don’t fly anything you can’t afford to lose”, so it’s only natural that everyone builds up as much ISK and as many ships/modules as they can. That way, when they inevitably lose their ship and everything in it they don’t have to feel so bad about it.

Metaphorically speaking, if losing a ship/fit/cargo is akin to someone falling down when doing gymnastics, then ISK is the equivalent of a crash mat, and more ISK is a thicker mat.

Losing an expensive ship without the ISK or modules to replace it is like falling face-first onto a hard wooden floor: it hurts, and may injure you so you can’t keep doing gymnastics until those injuries heal/you get enough ISK to replace the ship and fit.

Having enough ISK and modules to replace your ship is the equivalent of having a basic crash mat: it prevents serious injury and some of the pain, but it still hurts and you’re likely to be cagey about doing whatever stunt that caused you to fumble/take your ship out where it might get blown up.

Having a massive reserve of ISK and modules that allow you to easily replace your fit is the equivalent of a nice, foot-thick crash mat that will absorb your fall easily and with very little pain: you can get right back up and keep doing your stunts/flying your ship.

I’m speaking from experience here. I’m more likely to take risks and try new things when my wallet has 500 million ISK in it because I know that losing a well-fit battlecruiser isn’t such a big deal. I can afford to replace it easily, and the biggest hassle will be going to buy a new one in Jita.

Considering just how expensive some of the ships and modules in this game can be it makes perfect sense that players would concentrate on accumulating as much in-game wealth as possible, because then they don’t have to fret over what will happen if their expensive stuff gets blown up.


i was told by a guy im playing eve wrong because of mission running for another corp or i fly anything that isnt a kronos for those missions. lol

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Combat shows ability.
What is your ability.

Wait there will be video games in the afterlife Programers go to heaven too

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Here is where many of you are wrong. Getting better in games is not pointless. Read this article:

Whether you realize it or not, you gain skills. EVE Online is specifically mentioned here.