How to play this game when i cant earn ISK?

I got to the point when I am just fed up with the boredom, feel of not belonging and complete and utter impossibility to earn any god damn money.

I am playing this game for one and a half month.


I do not want to do mining without the industry.
I cant do industry since it is way to expensive( taxes, even tho my tax skills are all on 4 and 5).
I cant make money for taxes by doing PvE since I have no money to buy those big ships that all people on youtube are talking about and my corax/drake/moa are netting so little isk doing ratting and abyss it is just not worth my time.

“Grind Online” should be the name of this game.

So, I went on “help” chat and I am asking and asking and all is good, people are trying to help- until you ask about the industry or trading.

Then everyone is quiet all of the sudden.

This is a game. It is not Wall Street. And yet all is hush hush when it comes to making isk- how the hell can I learn to make isk when everyone is so god damn selfish and learning by try and failure is out of the question since I do not have three trillion of isk to burn.

Also, more to the point- this game is( if you ask some fan boy or read an ad for a game) “player driven”- it is not.

How can game be player driven when game itself is mining ore, making things, selling and buying stuff? Are you all mad or is it that I just do not see something? I do not get it.

Anyway, my Omega is ending in 6 days, I just took a week off and I was looking forward to play this game.

I will try to play it again today or tomorrow, BUT I think I am on my way out and I will definitely NOT buy omega again.

I just spent about 9 hours in last three days in 0.0 to -1,0 systems. I tried to do data and relic sites.
9 hours equals:
about 100 jumps,
18 data sites,
2 relic sites,
two serpentis “high risk” sites,

92millions isk

I got blown up by serpetins data site and I lost ship and all of the stuff.

That last part was my fault- I did not minimize the game and went on the internet to find out what is in front of me. Still, I am one of those silly people that play games to lose myself in them- and minimizing the game and going for the internet is braking that immersion feel that I love in games. So that is another huge minus for the game.

Anyhow, point is simple:
Making isk is god damn impossible for me( mining is out of the question and t0 and t1 abyss is way too low of a paymant to be considered isk gaining activity, not to mention it is repetitive and boring with my strong belief that ccp is making some rooms unwinnable( like 1 in a 40), just for you to get blown up, I do not have ships for t3 and above).

Is there a way out of this circle I am in?
This is a game, not a god damn job. If I am expected to grind for days just to get a moment of gameplay- I am out.

This is my one last hurrah to try to find something to do in this game, way of making isk so that I can play the game as fun activity, so please do not be mean or whatnot- I am just fed up with not being able to get any help or to find applicable teaching sources on line.

Also, I have strong sense that my corp is just…ahm- not good. So yeah…



CCP will be more than happy to sell you PLEX for cash that you can then convert to ISK in game.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


No, thank you.
Been there, done that.
It did nothing to make my income- well anything other then big fat zero.

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Quickly checking zkill you have a stream of silly, and thus avoidable, mistakes.

You lost a drake in low sec which you shouldn’t bring a PVE drake in to, one in high sec to a single attacker so probably suspect baited and you lost an exploration ship in an unsafe hacking site in null where if you had read the wiki for 5 minutes could have known to be deadly for your ship.

So your expenses and losses are quite high and mostly avoidable. That’s one part of the “I keep being poor” equation.

Beyond that the lower abyss can make good cash, you could do anoms or combat sites, you can make a ton with trading and lots of other options exist. But it DOES take brain effort to figure out and do well.

If you don’t like brain effort then there’s always mining. But don’t expect massive payouts with minimal effort.


I mean, cut them some slack. They’re new. How are they supposed to learn except by doing.

A smaller ship that’s harder to catch is better for lowsec PvE.

Exploration is very profitable. Keep trying that. The ships are so cheap and the rewards can be insane.


Can you please clarify how much Isk per hour you’re hoping to make? With the proper ship, T1 abyssals can give you 40 to 50Mil per hour or more- with fairly low risk.


Stop all industry, switch to combat PvE, start training combat skills, and join a PvP corporation.

This will allow you to have an instant positive income stream (as opposed to a delayed one as in through industry). Training for combat PvE will give you skills that are equally applicable to both PvE and PvP. Learning about PvP on the side will give you knowledge that will enable you to avoid PvE losses in the future.

After playing like this for a while, your skill set as a player will drastically improve. At that point, you can start up an industrial alt, and use some of the money you’ve saved from your previous activities to achieve economies of scale much quicker.

Still, do not chase money. Make only as much as you need to be able to sustainably fund your activities, and don’t chase a big wallet for a big wallet’s sake. Otherwise you will get burned out. The players who only ever chase money without some kind of bigger goal behind it are some of the least happy players I’ve met.


Well, since you are so well informed I would ask you to drop the attitude.

Tell me, where did I said it is not my fault? Where did I said I died because x or y that is out of my influence?

It takes brain to figure it out? Well- I have a brain, I have my arms and I have my legs and with them I just bought myself a brand new car- with no loan involved. Can you do that? Also, I speak three different languages- can you do that? No? Well…

I do not care for your “big brain” attitude so you can easily go away.
This is a game. A game. It is not a job and if you are a trillionaire in game- you are still you in real life so cut with “Aj em smurt” talk- I asked for help and with that will always come the likes of you, but still- you should ask yourself do you love the game, since CCP is probably more interested in my willingness to pay rather then your willingness to brag about pixel money.

Again, I am perfectly aware that my doings are my own fault. It is not a question.

The question is how to make isk.

And your answer is “git gut” and “you are dumb, you have no brain”…- well, good luck with your attitude buddy.
You must be one great fella…


He’s asking for answers, patting on the back going “there there you’re just a newbie” might seem helpful but it isn’t. It’s actually keeping those newbies down.


“how to make isk” there are so many answers to this.
how do YOU want to make isk?
Most people won’t tell you how to make it in trading and industry, for fear of toppling what they have built, others may look at you as a spy and not give you any info either.


OK, so I will self destruct the capsule and I will try it again, but I mean…90 mil in 9 hours. Well maybe I was just unlucky. And now I know not to mess with serpentine guys :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, he did more to inform me then anything you type.
Thank you for the input.

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Eve is a PvP sandbox where everyone competes with everyone so that means knowledge and preparation wins.

The sooner you adjust to that, and mind you all of us went through that phase at some point, the sooner you realise that it’s YOU who is holding you back and thus it’s also you who can turn that around.

Wallowing in your sorrow isn’t going to solve anything.


OK, that is reasonable.
I do have something like 15 mil SP that I got by me opening this account three years ago and just letting my skill points to accumulate and by buying some sp injectors.
I think I got that part covered and I am currently finishing “big 14”( one month more to get all to the 5).

And I hope that I will land some caring corp if I stay in game.


There is no sorrow.

I am overwhelmed by sheer size of the game and, more to the point, because of my expectations going through the roof because of me listening to the youtube folks that are saying stuff like “easy isk” or “easy abyss t6”…

And since it is not easy and there is none to show it to me…well, one thing will always led to another- in this case me getting annoyed and burned out.

its easy for them, most of the vets who do the streams and videos have been in for quite a while, and tend to forget how it is to start out.


Well that’s a very good point. Same as me watching New World build videos and when I then try to copy it I suck out.

Generally ignore the “make 15 bazillion iskies doing this one thing” youtubes. In fact I would suggest to ignore everyone telling you to “do this activity”, perhaps try it but don’t go in too deep. Figure out what you LIKE doing but also what you have an affinity for because just because like something doesn’t mean you won’t suck at it. Then work towards that and once you got gud at it it’ll make money.

Make some alts using your referral do they instantly have 1 mil SP, that’s generally enough to try stuff. Then try different play styles with them while your main just keeps training the basics.

As stated above, lower abyss can make a lot. Yesterday I helped someone from rookie to get into anoms and combat sites. Freshly made account, told him what skills to get based on his ship preferences and explained him how to do it. He got a 3/10 escalation and completed it in his Thrasher, loot over 200 mil.

I explained docking and undocking bookmarks to him, he made them for Jita and THEN moved his loot there to sell. Used the remaining SP to get into a stabber and bought one. And he now also has a Sunesis 2 sec align hauler. On day one, with a ton of help.

But he could also have gotten nothing at all, lost the ship or simply not enjoy it. The point is that we can’t tell you what you’ll enjoy or what you’re good at. You have to figure that out for yourself all the while limiting your oopsies by making sure you think before you do.

Until you found your niche there’s little point in caring much about isk.


Aw, is someone feeling entitled?


Will try it. Doing exploration and data relic sites at the moment.

For the sake of not getting into another brawl- yes.