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I use to play like 10 years ago, tried getting back into it maybe a year ago? i couldnt recover my old account but i stilll maxed out alpha skill , whats the most effiecient way to earn isk that ill then turn into plex because i really do pref to be f2p, i remember it took me 9 days industry to get plex for a month at 2 hours per day. Also looking for a Corp,

tldr; most efficient way to earn isk? is it industry? and mining?

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Well… burning the ISK for Omega while grinding for ISK will burn you and you will leave EVE. If you can’t pay the sub at the momment I suggest you looking for discounts, today we have Omega at 15% off check it out!

Still wanna grind for ISK just to burn the ISK?
-Abyss (top ISK in EVE)

Both are a pain… mind numbing depressve grind that no one should be doing, but there’s ISK in it and you can most definitely pay your omega and fill your heart with sadness.

Other options:
-ninja looting, stealing, MTU blowing… those offer good extra ISK to help you pay the Omega, but they aren’t constant because you have to wait the content to come to you (which is sad), you will have slow days then suddently you score big, need patience
-ninja looting at Factional Warfare when it is really hot
-mining gas in wormholes will definitely pay your Omega, but you need a corp, you need people who can kill the rats for you, need a compressor, need scanning ships for bookmarks… so you need a corp!
-Tornado ganking, but you need at least 2 accounts, optimally 3 accounts… but scanning hundreds of ships gets old real fast

Sincerelly, forget about industry while having one account, as an alpha almost all activities are not easy going big.


Your credit card and buying it from other sites. This game is a pay-to-win.

Actually, its free to win.

Youve won it already

did you know about it @Aiko_Danuja ? fly there with me for ISK, for glory, for DEAAAAAAATH!!!

It is not.

If you’re fine with working 18 hours for $20, I know several companies that’re hiring.

Plex is currently running around 2.2 Billion ISK and still rising. To earn that in 18 hours you’re going to have to be earning 125 Million ISK/hr.

There is very little you can do as Alpha to consistently earn that much ISK.

Try what Arya Yeshe said, or perhaps check out earning ISK as alpha in Faction Warfare. You’ll likely be spending 25 hours or more to earn it, which means you’re grinding EVE for less than a dollar an hour.

Hope that works out for you.

Grinding for ISK is a complete waste of time. I mined my wallet and bought PLEX. Most of which remains unspent…in fact I have more ships than I need, scattered all over Eve. So I’m not continually grinding away to buy ships. That just leaves Omega to pay, and £12.50 ( or whatever it currently is ) a month is worth it for not having to watch a mining laser for hours on end.

I know that Apo Bong knows it! :rofl:

My corporation is hiring

I’m surprised nobody mentioned Exploration…

Other than Ratting, exploration is probably the easiest and quickest way to earn ISK. Granted the average ISK per hour value isn’t steady like mission running but when it does hit, it’ll definitely make your wallet grow.

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