How much isk/month as an Omega?

Hello, i started playing EVE about a week ago, and so far, even through its really overwhelming, I’m enjoying it a lot, so I would like to ask the community, which for now i know as one of the best communities for any game, how much ISK can i max per month as an Omega character? Basically my plan is buy the Omega for one or two months, and then using it’s advantages, make enough ISK to buy myself next month with PLEX and so on… Basically, is that possible with just 1 month of Omega or u will need to buy more?

As a newer character, PLEXing your account will be hard. It’s possible, but you’ll spend your time just grinding to be able to just keep on grinding more the next month and then the next. You will likely burn out. It won’t be a game to experience anymore. It’ll be a second job.

By way of example, 500 PLEX is about 2 Billion ISK.

Even if you could make 100 million ISK per hour, that’s still 20 hours of grind, just to be able to continue as an Omega, before you earn any ISK to enjoy the game.

The reality is though, as a new character, actually having your wallet increase by 100 million per hour consistently is hard. More likely, you’ll be closer to 30 million ISK per hour actual change in your wallet, so that grind now triples to 60 hours a month.

It isn’t sustainable.

There’s a cost-benefit choice to be made most likely. How long IRL does it take you to earn the $15 to subscrbe for a month? If that’s not all that long, then what’s better, a few minutes to an hour or so IRL to then enjoy the game, or 20-60 hours of grind, just to be able to buy the PLEX?


That is not realistic for a new player IMO…you need to CLEAR apx 65M a day in profits to PLEX your account. You can’t get that by low-risk ventures in HS. You don’t have the capital to play the markets and move enough volume to earn that.

So your options move to the medium-to-higher risk activities that will net you more but cost you more.

My suggestion is to resign to yourself that you are subing for 6 months…heck buy it in advance and save a bit. Don’t worry about ISK or PLEX’ing and just…have…fun…ISK will flow in time…

Come back in 3 months and ask again :slight_smile:

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as the two other guys answered, i would kindly suggest you to pay your abo with real money, probably less than one Mc Donald meal per month, yes? and have fun
when you have good skills, are able to fly more expensive ships, and you have learned what you do and you are good at it (explo, ratting, trading, etc…), then you will be able to PLEX your account


Thank you all for the great answers, to be honest, i thought this is the reality, from the beginning, but I wanted to ask the community about it. Anyways, CCP will definetly get a new customer.

Will iterate on the sentiment, you may do it, but you shouldn’t, because it will likely feel like work and ruin your game enjoyment. Also those 2B are only to keep your sub up, for spending on ships and stuff you need to earn more.

Personally I still pay my account with cash just to get that “work , forced” aspect out of the way, even if I could easily PLEX. It’s a fundamental difference if you can or must do something.


I hear the upper limit is around 1 billion isk an hour using dreads and farming a really lucky, really good WH.

Realistically speaking, you will be making, at most, 100 mill an hour, most likely through incursions.

If you want to spend 20 hours a month grinding for that 500 plex, then go for it. But Id rather work an hour and spend my money subbing for 3 months than to grind for 20 hours.

I usually just do markets these days to make isk. But, again, I dont sub my accounts with plex, so I dont worry about making or losing too much money.


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