You can have Omega for free!

Just reading complaints and thought it would be a good idea to help these young new players get Omega for free and make a lot of ISK while at it!

I spend around 28 hours playing a month, that is less than one hour a day. Usualy 4-5 hours at a time for 6-7 days a month. During this time I make around 8 billion just on the market and a comfortable sum from killing NPC’s.

Step 1: Get a good missile boat, a cruiser for example. Head down to 0.0, some quiet area. Kill the NPC’s and salvage all of there stuffs.

Step 2: Get a cheap hauler and once you have a months worth of salvage and junk accumilated in your 0.0 station, fill up the hauler and hit the highsec markets. I use Amarr, since the stuff sells very fast.

Step 3: Use your new found ISK to buy Omega game time! Upgrade to a good Battle Cruiser and spend half of much time doing step 1 all over again and enjoy your profits!

Just keep an eye on local and use your scanners.

A lot of people will want to troll you just like they troll these kinds of posts.

All the best!



There are many ways to make really good isk. What works depends on that person’s preferences, capabilities and effort&time. Also some people don’t WANT to be forced to do something specific and/or don’t want to be doing the same thing over and over, some people also don’t care enough about omega and they do fine without it especially now that plex is at 5 mil each.

What works for you is nice, if you enjoy it and don’t get burned out from it.

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So let me get this correct: you make the equivalent of $2.25 per hour, and you consider this to be a good thing?

Where do you live?

Thats right kids all you need to do to get rich quick is invest a few bill on the market and bling out a HAC and youtoo can be rich for only additional effort!

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Lol and what about ships to go out play with and die in ?

Do you factor in that time at all or is that extra hours put in ?

sometimes in a thread I press CONTROL+F and type: just

the more a person types “just” in the post while explaining how to do something, the more oblivious the person is

this one has 4 occurrences


8 billions in 28 hours = 285.7 millions an hour… while travelling, scouting, hauling, organizing the loot, feeding the market… etc…

just do it


My wife buys me a sub once a year, for the price of one good family meal in a restaurant.

Then, I do whatever I want in space without worrying about anything.


Or, in that same 28 hours, I make enough at work to sub an account for 4 years. I’d much rather do that than grind…


Is that what this game is, Isk-making simulation?
And they’re gonna spend their time making Isk to buy PLEX to get Omega to get more Isk so they can get more… PLEX so they can get more… Omega to… get more… Isk… to…



The usual peanut gallery seems to be missing the point of your post - at least from some perspectives.

OP is talking about funding your Omega through regular gameplay, not by some insane grind.

Yes, players shouldn’t fall into the trap of, for instance, repeating some boring braindead grind for hours just to plex their account. On the other hand, if someone enjoys null ratting as gameplay, why wouldn’t they plex their account from it?

8 billion is plenty to plex your account, cover expenses, and still have some left over to throw away on peeveepee. OP’s just giving an example that getting out of High/your comfort zone can pay off.

Although I also agree with Arya that in fact OP is referring to a heck of a lot of effort as if it’s ‘free’.

At any rate, Alpha if alpha works for you, Plex if plexing works for you, throw cash at the game if cash works best for you. It seems odd that in a game where everyone’s so enamored of it’s “sandbox” aspect, that so many forumites here spend their time telling everyone else they’re “playing wrong” (or paying wrong).

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i like op post
at least she doing something
and being positive about it



The reality is that every ‘free’ account is ultimately actually being paid for by those who are paying. The more free accounts there are, the more you’ll get a smaller group of people subsidising a larger one…and that is what causes the price to go up.

Not if its Alpha, the Real Free

subscriptions are only a piece of CCP earnings
without plex the game would be dead / or making way less money

remember the new bro 16 billion insurance topic ?

This, right here!

If you enjoy the activity than go for it! Because your time had a value associated with it.

There are too many haters on this thread. OP is having fun and made a post to try to help others. If we take it at face value, this is a great thing.


Just get rich. Its that easy!