Alpha clone with $25 bil ISK

Is it time for omega?

How did u get 25 billion ISK??!! are you sure you are still a new citizen? lol

I heard its 500M isk to buy 1 plex, so you can probably afford a few, enough to buy omega.

edit: my bad its only 2.9M for a piece of plex, idk where I got the 500M number. lol u can afford omega easily.

It costs 500 :credit_card: PLEX to buy 1 month of omega time. :bulb:

Whatever you are doing to earn isk will most certainly be done more efficiently with Omega. If you are just sitting on that ISK with nothing to use it on, why not spend ~1.5Bil of it on Omega and test it out.

Its not too hard cause I find it’s fun. Also, I don’t really treat it like a job. I know many people here think in terms of isk/hour. I just play whenever I feel bored. Maybe I’m not really a “new” citizen. Been at it for about 6 months.

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