Buying plex vs buying Omega


I’m very new to Eve Online (literally been studying what I can for less than a week).
I’ve played numerous other MMOs which claim to be sandbox, and have always focused on player economy and making in-game money (BDO, Runescape, Albion Online, Archeage).

I’ve seen that there were numerous ways to fund not only alt accounts, but your main as well, with passive income on alts. By purchasing Omega on several accounts once, you could earn enough ISK to keep all omegas rolling, through PIs, Skill Injectors and BPOs.
It seems that with some recent shifts in the market and the increase in PLEX price, these methods are barely worthwhile, even with a large 24 month Omega investment.

My question is not if having an army of clones with PIs and Injectors would fund the game, but if this “investment” of Omegas or MCTs would result in more ISK through passive income alone, or if I would actually stand to gain more by just buying PLEX and selling?

I will quickly point out I’m not looking for financial advice (I appreciate your concern <3)

If I spent £500 on Omega/MCTs, will I earn more ISK through passive income than if I had just spent £500 on PLEX and sold it?


Why buy PLEX, sell them for ISK and buy PLEX again to obtain game time?
Do you expect trade differences to your favour?

You must not forget a viable point in you equation: How much is your time? Even passive PI doesn’t work without some care, and you need more administration time to manage your income and expenditure in game. If you just pay for Omega, you don’t have to invest time for PLEXing, but time for RL work to earn that money.

Thanks for your reply.

Sorry, I think there’s been some confusion?

I stated that I’m not looking to fund my gametime through the game, I’m just going to pay for it. With that in mind, I will not be buying Plex, selling it and buying it again lol

My question was if I stand to have more in-game currency by paying for Omega and using passive income clones, or by buying PLEX and selling it directly.

I do appreciate and acknowledge your point about time being valuable and requiring some attention - I’m okay with that, and will be factoring that in after I get an answer to the question above :slight_smile:

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