How to from Alpha to omega

Hi how can a Alpha player get omega without paying money"?

Buy plex with ISK. Use plex to convert into game time.

Buy 500 of these of the market:

and you can activate them to get 30 days Omega time.

Pay the real money to subscribe until you have things set up to where you are getting enough game money per month so that paying your account with it is no problem.

Subscribing with real money means you don’t run the risk of grinding to pay just so you can grind to pay ad naseum. You can do what you want without worrying about grinding enough ISK to buy a PLEX next month.

Later in your EvE you might be able to PLEX your account (buy game time with ingame money), but I’d recommend you just buy a subscription to the game with real money for now.

  1. Join one of the bigger null sec alliances.
  2. Buy Vexor Navy Issue
  3. Pay attention to ”Local Chat” for 100% safety.
  4. Grind all day and night if you want.
  5. Buy 500 Plex and activate it as game time.

By sacrificing fun in favor of playing for free as omega.

The grind required is massive for a beginner, if you love the grind and have 10 hours a day to invest on the game go for it.

In the end you don’t need to go omega if you are a beginner, omega is for a bit more experienced players. Omega definitely unlock a lot of fun stuff, this is why I am omega , but as an alpha you can do a ton of fun stuff too.

Now when you become much more experienced you may be able to plex your account, which means to be omega for free, but that comes with a lot of restrictions too, so don’t get your hopes up. Also don’t believe people that will tell you its easy to plex your account , they either lying or they are lying.

If it was easy to plex an account, CCP would have gone bankrupt long time ago.

it IS easy to plex an account if you also extract and sell SP accrued throughout the month, but that means that character wont advance much skill-wise.

Think about what you just wrote… then answer the simple question “where does PLEX come from?”… then think about what you wrote again.

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Well, that’s why PLEX price is rising the last weeks. We’re beyond 2b for one month atm.
Many plexers and few RL PLEX buyers result in high prices, that’s quite easy.

The last time I checked, most small SP farm operations are ISK neutral.

But i was not talking about isk farms, i was talking about a single character on an account that uses their SP growth to pay off part of their PLEXing cost. As long as large skill injector can be sold for more than extractor - it is a viable way, except that it consumes more PLEX on the marker.

Simple numbers:
without skill extraction - PLEXing costs 2.1bil ISK (at current prices)
with skill extractors in play:
character generates about 1.9mil SP/month - enough for at least 3 extractors with some extra.
extractor costs about 450mil each (can be bought with plex) - for 3 of them it is 1.35bil ISK
large skill injector sells for 916mil (buy order) - selling 3 will get you 2.75bil ISK
a simple math says that you got a profit of 2.75-1.35=1.4bil
that means that now you only need to add 700mil ISK to PLEX an account.

Something tells me that getting 700mil isk is way easier than 2.1bil, hence my point still stands.

Well…not really…since PLEX can only be bought originally from CCP for real money - and more real money than a subscription at that - players using PLEX to add game time to their accounts create a demand for PLEX that puts real money into CCP’s coffers.

So while you are correct that it’s not so easy to PLEX (as a new player especially), even if it were CCP would be fine.

You’ll notice that CCP has been more than fine with the PLEX-for-gametime setup for quite some time now. If it was detrimental to their financial interests I doubt it would have been around so long.

You are missing an important factor here. If you do this on your main account and main character, you will basically stop your advancement which sucks and is just not a viable way to play. The only exception to this are those of us that already have maxxed skills for what we are interested in doing in the game, and no longer need to train anything for anything other then novelty or curiosity, and of course as the game ages there are more and more of us at this point, myself included.

If you let your main advance, then you have to purchase a training certificate which you need to factor into these costs, right now these are really expensive making this not viable. If the MCTs drop below 50-60% of price of monthly plex, then it will become viable, but not otherwise.

An art of quoting oneself:

I missed that, still you should have at least mentioned MCT costs in your original post.

Its a very long and difficult process. Nothing in Eve comes without enough investment. It will be either your time, or your $$$.

Alternatively, join Goons and just tell them you’d like to become a multi Rorqual pilot and ask how to do it fast, they will hook you up at least with great info and space and environment for it if not actual help with everything else.


True, farms aside it can be a nice way of augumenting your income.

That aside, working 1 hour for $15 is wayyyy easier imo, and my character isn’t stagnant in it’s skilling.


skill training is priceless to waste on PLEX and PLEX comes from people that pay with real money for it. No money no honey, that’t life’s rule I am afraid.

You either go omega or you suffer, the choice is yours.

What if your character(s) is(are) at the point where they dont need any more skill points, for example an industrial/Rorq miner or SC/Titan pilot with relevant skills at 5?

then obviously its great idea for PLEX

I can see the appeal of skill farming for PLEX, I am definitely not against it.

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