Returning player > upgrade to Omega

I just returned to EVE after a long break and found out I can not use many of my ships. Especially mining in a Venture is a pain in the a***. Since I dont know how long I will stay interested this time I hesitate to pay for a 1 oder 3 months upgrade to omega. I wonder if there is still a way to upgrade with Plex that I can buy ingame with ISK since my wallet is full of ISK.

Yes, you can still buy plex from the market with isk - and then use the plex in the NES ingame store to buy Omega time. It is 500 plex for 30 days Omega game time.

If you open your character sheet and look at the Pilot’s Services page it will show you how much plex you need for various subscription services.

To find plex on the normal market just search for “plex”. Easy.

And welcome back to Eve! :slight_smile:

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What you are experiencing is no different than the 14 day trial and upgrade to paid sub. Alpha is an extended trial with limited capabilities but still allows you to play without subbing

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