PLEX / Game Time question

Hello good people of New Eden… or what’s left of it.

Last time I was playing EVE, people used to farm tons of ISK and pay their subscription with PLEX… now there’s all kind of BS with “free to try” EVE…

Can someone please explain in a short phrase what changes have been added since PLEX days?

I’m guessing you still need to pay real money to properly train your character? Is there no option to “farm for PLEX”?

If so, we’ll speak again in a million years.

Good luck!

You can buy PLEX from other players for 3 million ISK. You can buy a 30 days of omega-time for 500 PLEX.


Join karmafleet they are recruiting. They will train you into making ISK and provide a lot of content.
Or you can try on your own and see where that gets you. There is also eve university where you can LEARN stuff, but if you keep quitting before you graduate, you won’t get the good jobs…


so 1.5 bil ISK for 1 month… wahahahaha…

I remember the days when 350 - 400 mil was stupidly expensive… and also, the days when it was just around 30 mil.

This just got from funny to really sad.

WoT it is. Thanks for the answer, tho…

Have a nice one!

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You can play for free and accumulate up to 20m skill points. You can even fly T1 Battleships with Alphas now so you can make a fairly decent income with L4s.

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But you need to keep in mind that it is much easier to farm ISK now than in the old days.

Getting 1.5 bill in 10-20 hours is not at all so hard if you know how.


You can make that in a few hours with the Guristas bunny.

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Your attitude… I prefer people referring to battleships when writing “BS”.


Depending on what you do that 1.5 bil can be made incredibly fast even in a alpha clone that used to be omega that’s of course counting on the fact that you lapsed to the max 20mil sp an alpha has and have assets ready to support your isk making.You can also make said isk by training a vni character totally free as alpha it’ll take you 30-40hours depending on potential faction spawns/escalations/own incompetence.
Or you can use a nyx and make it in 3h or less and laugh at ppl crying about plex prices.

The choice is yours.

I made 2-billion ISK yesterday in the Gurista bunny hunt (it was actually more, but I still have some outstanding sell orders). If you haven’t figured out how to exploit this event then it’s your loss…

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