Returning player, confused

Hello, I recently decided to return to the game. I see lots of changes which is a very good thing but i also have a couple of questions so if you please help me clarify a few things -thanks in advance :
Plex is a relatively new feature. You can buy plex and sell it in the plex vault for ISK. I am taking a look at the prices . Say, Quantity 1 plex =3.500.000 so i figure out this is around the price that 1 unit of plex is being sold at the moment? what is one unit of plex? when i take a look at the plex market i see: 110 plex for E4.99. Does that mean that by buying 140 plex I post a selling order in the market which will total in 140 x (~ 3.500.000) ? I am confused by what a unit of plex actually means.
I also read somewhere that also omega time can be bought as an item and sold for isk in the same manner is this correct? If it is, where can i buy omega time or sell omega time for isk?
Thank you

500 x PLEX is the amount that converts to 30 days of game time, however CCP sell smaller packs then that because they recently converted all Aurum (what used to be used in the in game store to buy clothes and SKINs and other services) to PLEX and those items are often much less than 500 PLEX.

So you can buy PLEX from CCP for real money and use it to buy things in the NES, or sell it on the in game market, in any amount you like.

So if you purchased 140 PLEX and sold it for ISK in game at 3.5 million per PLEX, that would equal 490 million ISK before market fees.

You used to be able to buy separate game time tokens, but that’s no longer the case. 500 PLEX is 30 days of game time if you use it that way.

Purchasing PLEX on the store page of the website, with real USD money, will enable you to redeem the purchased amount of plex into your in-game inventory. Once there, you can sell it on the in-game market for ISK.

If you have 500 plex in your in-game inventory, you can spend it to activate Omega time for 1 month.

So 500 Plex is 1 month of Omega time, and PLEX can be bought and sold with and for isk.

You do not actually buy or sell Omega time, you only sell or buy PLEX, which can be used to purchase Omega Time.

PLEX = Pilot License EXtension (subscription time).

As the others have said, you can buy PLEX for real life cash (dollars, euros), and then use it for subscription time, but it’s about 2x as expensive as an actual subscription paid from the EVE Account Management website.

Otherwise, CCP allows PLEX to be traded on the market, for ISK. So PLEX is an item that you can buy with cash, that you can then sell for ISK in-game. Other players gather enough ISK through in-game activities and buy your PLEX, and once they have 500 PLEX they can extend their subscription (Omega) for another month.

I guess these fellow Capsuleers just answered your question.

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