Use of PLEX

This is my vision how PLEX should be used.

I suggest to sell PLEX in ONLINE STORE not only in a certain amount of like CCP do but sel them in the required number or the desired quantity of units-PLEX

For example

Wat we could be able to buy .
We could buy as minimum ( live in UK ) 15 PLEX for 50 pence and if we wish we could be able to buy more - 45 or 225 or 315 … more and more.

I have PaySafe voucher worth of 2.5£ and could buy 75 PLEX but I can’t do so because is no such options for it.

30 days Pilot licence is worth 500 plex.
So that means for 1 plex we play EVE ONLINE for 86 minutes 15 seconds

I suggest create an opportunity to activate the desired quantity 1 PLEX or 57 PLEX or 512 PLEX if you have it and play a certain time ( one plex 86 min. 15 sec )
This will give opportunity for ALFA player’s slowly rise SKILLS and sometimes use teh2 ships and equipment. If you already have plenty of skills and dont play very often you can play as ALFA player and just if you wish you could activate OMEGA play time for a certain time - hours , evening, day, weekend, weeks and have fun in PVP or PVE
That’s is your choice pilot how many PLEX to activate.
After time ends end back to ALFA.

You wish to train SKILLS and play as OMEGA pilot all time then activate 500 plex for 30 days or like I’m go online and spend 10£ for it.

There’s this thing called transaction fees.

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Generating extra cost for CCP and pay game time around 17~/month? You can bet some people who are ass-blasted at CCP would do it just to spite them while not being able to unsub from their space-ship crack addiction.


Would be pretty funny to watch, tbh.

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It’s only funny if you are part of the people having a boner at CCP’s troubles. If you like the game, this is literally giving trolls ammo to shoot it down.

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If you actually keep up with Dev blogs and such, you would already know that CCP is in the middle of implementing granular Omega time with units smaller than 30 days.

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With PaySafe I don’t pay any fees.

So that’s is good and I just made them work easier.

That is not the point. CCP has to pay fees for Paypal, credit cards, …, making small payments economically unfeasible.

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Yes OK minimum 110 plex for 4.24 £ you say that is minimum wat thay could offer.

The minimum while still making money, places like paypal have minimum fees on transactions

From 3.4% to as low as 1.9% + 20p per transaction

Which completely rules out the 50p transaction you listed as they would be losing nearly 50% of that in fees alone, now bear in mind that the above fee doesn’t include any currency conversion fees because remember they accept payments in multiple currencies, there will also be different fees from different payment processors, there are reasons people don’t generally do very small microtransactions

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Thanks for noticing
I hear you. But I willing to stick to my ideas. And allow to buy various different quantities starting from 110 an go ap as they offering. I just saying 15 plex is worth 50£ pence. So I say 125 or 175 or any other quantities if you wish to buy this way.
I hope I explain my self.

I think it’ll be fine the way it is, plex is already as low as $5 US.

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Last dev comment I saw on this was a no. Got a CCP source for a change from that position?

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It seems that no one will look at the other half of my vision .

CCP said they are not interested in game time being sold in portion smaller than a month so for now, that’s straight out of the window.

Thanks for straight answer.

So everyone is cares about wat CCP will do or don’t do. I not asking for it.
I asking or in such a way use of plex will be good for EVE pilots?
If it will be good for EVE pilots CCP will do something about this.
You pilot spending your time and monie in this game. Do you want to be a better wider opportunity use of plex in game?
Do you want wider opportunity for spending monie in online store wen you buying plex?

Thanks for your time to my topic.

And people are trying to explain 2 points:

  1. CCP has stated they do not want to sell PLEX in less than month increments through their online retailer and 3rd party retailers.

  2. Additionally, due to the nature of fees placed on each transaction from banks, credit card companies, and other financial institutions, there is a trade off point where the fees exceed the profit from the small transaction. As there is no profit, it’s not something CCP will do.

Until both these change, what you would like won’t happen.

If for now iso impossible to change online store plex selling options so let it be like it is.
But in game they can do opportunity to activate the desired quantity of units-PLEX ( like I suggest 1 plex 86min. 15sec. )
Thanks for your time to my topic.