Buy omega time with each plex

(Regulus Scyssor) #1

Before a older plex buy 30 days of game, now 500 new nuPlex buy 30 days of game

ok’s, why not makes time purchases smaller than a month?

30 days have 720 hous, 720 hours divided by 500 plex, 86 minutes and 24 seconds per plex

could be rounded, a plex equals to 90 more minutes in omega state

this would expedite the purchase of plex, better for CCP, better for players, no more menacing deadline (pay or die) situations in game

(Lulu Lunette) #2

Turn the PLEX Vault into a gas tank :smile: Consumes a PLEX every 86 minutes

(Keno Skir) #3

You just want 1800 minutes extra a month for free. I see your game -.-

(Cristl) #4

Lol. So for 20 USD I could play the equivalent of 3 hours every single day for 8 months.

In seriousness though, some sort of alternative payment option(s) where you do pay in smaller chunks might work, and discourage 23 hour botting accounts, but it would be hard to sort out the price points, minimum session charge etc.

You’d need access to CCP’s user metrics to find a range of options that maintained revenue overall, while offering more choices (and ones which didn’t pander to inhuman usage amounts).

(March rabbit) #5

Cheap cyno alts FTW!

(Steve Ronuken) #6

Not going to happen.

Too many systems in Eve would be usable if you could use plex like this.

Industry: takes 30 minutes to put in jobs. So you burn the minimum plex required to get past alpha restrictions, put in the jobs, then let it lapse back to alpha.

cyno alts.


And so on. It’s worse for CCP.

(David Potts) #8

Hell no!

(Cristl) #9

Aww, I feel like you didn’t read my post :confused:

If you were charged a minimum login time, let’s say 3 hours on login, and each hour cost 10 nuplex, then 20 USD pays for 50 hours of game time. That might suit someone who can play twice a week for a few hours each time (As opposed to Mr Botski, who’s on 23/7) while limiting cyno / PI / industry abuse.

Just some numbers for illustration, as I said, you’d need usage stats to preserve overall revenue. I just get annoyed at bot accounts tbh.

(Gaive Shayiskhun) #10

Honestly, this has been discussed previously at some of the CSM meetings I’m pretty sure and both there and the community railed against the idea.
There would be FAR more exploits and cheating taking place to the point that it would be an enormous task to control and monitor.

(Cristl) #11

Why would there be more cheating?

(Markus Jameson) #12

[sigh]… that’s not how rounding works, not when buying smaller quantities of some commodity than the retailers standard sales package, 80 minutes per PLEX would be far more likely IF they did this.

Which they won’t.

(Gaive Shayiskhun) #13

Maybe cheating wasn’t the right word, but people abusing the system to the detriment of CCP and other players. See Steve’s post above

(Markus Jameson) #14

Something like a 2 week mini-sub with a 10% surcharge over & above the cost of half a months sub might be popular with some & reasonably acceptable to the others.

(Cristl) #15

But did you read the part about the minimum login charge being 30 nuplex (covering up to 3 hours play)?

I think that prevents any abuse. That would be 16 logins per 480 nuplex. That doesn’t feel too exploitable.

(Cristl) #16

I’d of course then like to see an hours cap on the normal sub. Maybe 150 hours max per 30 days. Surely that covers all actual humans, while hindering bots.

The master plan is completed by letting people safe log while cloaked after 10 mins and with nothing within a million km. They then stay in local and bingo: environmentally friendly cloaky camping too!

(Nevyn Auscent) #17

Titan alts. Etc.
It’s not going to happen. And CCP outright said they had no plans & no intents to allow it either during the plex change.

(Regulus Scyssor) #18

thanks for responses

I read some very convincing arguments against this idea, it’s really a stupid idea that would destroy the game basics mechanics :kissing_closed_eyes:

(Frostys Virpio) #19

If you want Omega status, you buy a month.

(Cristl) #20

Wait. Your original post wasn’t a troll?! Haha, wow.

Anyway, I think there are other options out there that could be balanced. My easy numbers were probably too generous to the playerbase, but I’m confident that there exist payment plans that would attract new customers (or, more likely, returning customers) without being exploitable.

(Frostys Virpio) #21

There is one already. It’s 500 for a month. Anything where you can get some time for less will be exploited because sometime, you only need omega for a certain amount of time and people would do it on the cheap if they could.