Plex Idea

Now when you need 500 plex to play for a Monty

Why not make it possible to buy 1 day and 1 week pilot licens.

Why is that needed?

Why is anything needed.

On the other hand, some returning player wants to get back into the game, buys a one day pass and gets to play with all his toys. That’s not so bad.

As a guy with a hanger filled with every flavor of Maurader and forced to downgrade into a rattlesnake, I can say that occasionally I’d buy a day or two of plex just for a change of pace.

There are too many things, especially industrial related that could be broken or cheesed to an unacceptable amount if you allow people to hop in and out of Omega status.

CCP did however introduce the alpha SP injector which allows you to purchase one day of training at a time. Beyond this, I wouldn’t ever hope for daily or weekly full subscription options as the amount of reengineering of time-based systems in the game required to make them aware of subscription status would be too large.


So long as CCP gets their cash, what’s the issue?

If someone wants to pay for a single day to start a job or suck on a rock, so long as the cash goes to CCP all is as it should be.

Face it… Alpha status wasn’t something that was done for the health of the game. It was to get people playing in the face of declining subscriptions.

Going Omega, even for a day, benefits the game. Staying Alpha does not.

Going Omega for a Day is 1/30th as advantageous to CCP as going Omega for a month.

Eve players are clever, and you can bet your bippy those players are going to look towards paying less to CCP with ruthless efficiency.

Like @Black_Pedro says, the amount of engineering that would have to go into a system that could prevent this kind of abuse would be very significant and likely better directed towards making Eve something that entices those Alphas to go Omega with entertainment they feel is worth the subscription price.


Problem with that is current devs want to screw over 80% of the players for the entertainment of the other 20%.

They broke plex down to smaller increments so that people would buy it more often.

Regardless of it being a day pass as an omega or a facelift, what’s important is that CCP got money. Add value to plex, and it will sell more often, which is always beneficial.

Think it would be nice if you dont have that much time to play the game. But you have the skills and gear.

And maby some you frinds Invite join to gang up with them in a weekend where wife and kids are not Home.
You could then buy a weekend pass

I will never pay for a full mounth if i only got time to play for 6 days.

And daily alpha injectors dont give til acces to you old gear and items

Jesus H. Christ, people. It’s a whopping $15 a month. In all seriousness, if you can’t afford that, then you need to stop playing video games and do something else with your life…


Lets see, average meal at a fast food restaurant $6~8, cost of a movie ticket at the theaters $10, cost of a DVD $20, a date night $100~150.
A pack of cigarettes (for those that still smoke) $5~9 depending on where you live.
The fact is $15 for 30 days of entertainment in which you get to control your play times is a bargain.



That’s what the daily alpha injectors are for. But there will be no super alts that only plex for the large battles, sorry.

If the game is so super cheap you say why not remove plex? Before the plex it was pay or dont Play.

And before the alpha it was 14 day trial after that pay.

I would like nothing more than for CCP to remove PLEX and alpha accounts and go back to a strictly subscription-based game…


Now that you have my agreement on.

Plex I don’t mind, but Free to Play hasn’t ever worked out. Ever.

It inevitably becomes Pay to Win. Every. Time.

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Nope. Too easy to game the system.

CCP would get less cash because people would only PLEX their alts on days they need them.

CCP already got their cash for the PLEX.

so long as they require at least 17 PLEX for a day, they will make more money than currently, as using 500 for 30 days is 16.7 per day.

I get where you’re coming from but this isn’t the PLEX vs Subscription argument. If less people buy PLEX from CCP or the market, PLEX demand drops and CCP lose money.

What’s the difference if one guy uses PLEX for a months time…

…or 30 guys use PLEX for one day each?

Now, how many people do you think would drop 80 million for a single day? That assumes it takes 20 PLEX at 4 Million ISK each, which is currently high according to the Market.

Many of those people might not bother with a Month’s subscription. Each batch of 30 of them is one more whole plex consumed.

Yes, that way all of my capital pilots and cyno alts can be subbed for just a day at a time when I know I’m going to need them. The rest of the time they’re unsubbed, saving me money.

CCP’s income would probably be a third of what it is now, but that’s hardly my problem, amirite?

Oh… wait. They couldn’t afford to maintain the game at that rate. No, not doable.