To: The Developers (Need option for Plex Playtime to Only be in effect when Logged in and Playing)

People pay REAL MONEY for plex, and for me, it is a waste of my PLEX Playtime to activate Plex and it still used up when I am not playing/logged in and inside the game world.

I am aware that Skills(omega class skill/skill levels), are being trained with the current setup, but I need an option to make the 30 days Omega status to halt those Omega status skill training AND game time, when Logged out.

Therefore you can Keep your current system, and add the requested to be fair. Not everyone can play everyday to take advantage of the PLEX Omega Playtime, that is bought.

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lol, NO, so one 30 day sub would last 6 months?


NO, I will last 30 days play time in the game.

I’m ok with this as long as your skill que only works while logged in and all production and trade lines are frozen if you are not logged in. :joy:

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Don’t be silly. If CCP sold pay-per-ride, it would be a lot more expensive than the current unlimited rides model. They’re here to earn money.

Say on average players use 100 hours per month. That would mean an average of 5 Plex per hour - but CCP would sell it so they make more than 500 Plex per month based on the hours you play. Say you pkay 50 hours, they’ll sell them for 11 Plex each and will earn 550 Plex for your monthly time. Otherwise they would have more trouble accounting for Plex usage, to make same money at most… or even lose money.

Also, the last thing you want as EVE developer is people thinking that big battles lasting many hours cost them money for nothing… a time consuming game as EVE can only thrive with unlimited rides model.

Oh look who is back. No matter how threads you title “to the developers” they still won’t read your stupid ideas


With threads like this and the other…



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