Subscription wish


I think I would be nice if it was possible to subscribe.

A week or/and a weekend at a time.

I do mostly play eve on and off and in smallere sessions.

I have alot of skill points points so I dont need the long the subsriptions more for playing omega.

For me its a lot of money for not playing continusley.

And I that there might be People with a small budget as well.

Sorry for my english, my danish is way better :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

A smaller sub couldt be like
A weekend pas only for use in the weekends.

Or a Plex solution. ( we can all ready buy other services this way )

I am aware of that you can extract skills if you have any non alpha to use. ( i have, others dont ) to buy plex (30 days use )

I know it is possible to have a 20mill sp alpha toon. But if you like industry / mining or so. you have to be omega just for a little bit more.

I know alpha is like a free trial, I am a happy user of and no bigger complain here abort it I have tryed the old 14days trial.

But if Wanna go and use a mining barge, t2 Explorer or use some of my allready 90mill sp i have allready trained for. I have to be omega, and that is totally fair.
But I have to buy minimum 30days, for only using this like 4-6 days a mounth.

And maby former players wanna play with there old Toons but to have the same amour of time for a full subscribe, but have the skills they need.


Yes, this should be implemented . I do not see why I shouldn’t have the option to get omega for just a weekend or a week . These options already exist in other games .
For those who only play casually with very limited time and with accounts that already have characters with high SP it will be such a great addition .
I recently started a new account and subscribed with a 6 month plan. If the game improves and I see efforts made by CCP to do so by the time my subscription expires , I will extend it by another 6 months or even a year , but after that, I would love the option to pay for just a week or a weekend omega session when I will no longer have much time for Eve.

@Brisc_Rubal , @Mike_Azariah
Can you bring this to CCP ?


This has been brought up and shut down before. I think it was something about not being profitable on CCPs end. You can search the forums for it.

It could be exploited in too many ways but the main point for CCP’s concern is that it would mean selling a day of Omega here and there as opposed to the only option of selling an entire 30 days worth of Omega instead.

If they can give you the option to only use Omega a couple times a month and save 90% of the cost that is a huge problem for their subscription sales interests and a lot of other factors that weigh in on the balance of players using 30 day subscriptions at a time in other mechanics and dynamics of the game like SP trade generation for example.

Also another thing is if you buy a 30 day subscription you are more likely to play more often during that month of active Omega. If you could buy Omega only on the days you want to play you would probably buy a lot less Omega time and play the game a lot less frequently not being obligated to make use of the 30 day subscription model.

I could think of several other easy ways to exploit this idea that I won’t even bother mentioning. It’s an idea I like as many others do but unfortunately it is just not a good idea for the game, it’s players or CCP as a company.

The solution is quite simple since you do not want to spend more money on the game and you don’t need to do anymore training for your needs as a player you can simply sell your extra SP through extractions to create skill injectors and sell them to pay for your Omega with PLEX you can buy with the ISK instead of spending money on the subscription.


Exactly that. There is nothing to add to this. Everything else only leads to the abuse of the abo plexing at a fraction of the cost.

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It is simple if you want to do it this way . But maybe I want to keep the SP and use the ISK that I have gained in the game to PvP instead of using it on PLEX and have less ISK to have fun with.

I obviously see why CCP does not like this , it’s less money for them to grab from the players that have been playing the game for ages . But it’s ok, one day we’re going to leave , I don’t like their recent Pearl Abyss style monetization campaign anyway. We’ll see where this goes in the future , time will tell.

For other games , what OP proposed had worked well , it did not had any negative impacts , as a matter of fact it increased player numbers during the weekends .
But yeah, CCP is too greedy , so we can’t have it here.

However, this is not how it works in Eve.
What about the people who doing only for 1 day the signatures in the wormhole for thick ISK and then unsub until the system is full of signatures again?

What about PI? Do I then set extraction to full time on a day and let abo expire until I want to pick up PI stuff again?
What about BPOs/Production etc? That then runs even if you have not renewed the subscription?

As I said, it may work elsewhere, but not in Eve.

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It can work in Eve too if they want to put some effort into it and make it work without being abused or having negative impacts. There’s nothing impossible.

Yes, that’s true, but at what cost/benefit factor?

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Suppose I have a week off and I’m tempted to just stay at home and play some Eve, but I really don’t want to pay for 30 days , instead I have this option to pay for a week . It’s still better for them to get my money for a week , than no money at all .

If it were, CCP would have offered it long ago. Maybe they will do it at some point.
1 month annual subscription 10$
3 months 12,99 each
1 month 15
1 week 10
Could imagine well, only it will not be cheap for you

I’m from EU, for me it’s 11 euros/month , if you go for annual subscription .
Obviously on the long run it’s cheaper , but for that you have to pay upfront 131 euros . Why on earth would I want to give them 131 euros when i just want to play for a week or a weekend , i’m far more better with the 15 euros 1 month subscription .
So if a one week subscription would be… say 7-8 euros , I’d definitely go with that one , if that is my available time to play Eve.

Not if you wait for 10% discount :stuck_out_tongue:

The other benefit of having the 30 day a month if you have low sp, is the fact that you have the sp training in real time. If you want to have 1 or 2 day omega, then give them the alpha limit skill que of 24 hrs. And nothing beyond

I can ask but I do not hold out much hope for you on this one. The stickiness of a game is partially the players commitment to it and if you can butterfly in and out on a whim? In the end it will be ‘call me when the war starts’.

In this way it is like a gym membership (yes I get the irony of using a gym analogy in a video game setting, thank you) The gym may allow some drop ins but it makes the big money from year memberships (that are seldom used). At the end of the day CCP is a company, employees, payroll, all of that stuff. They will make some choices based not on the convenience of casual players but on the bottom line in the ledger.



Thank you ! Well regardless , it does not hurt to ask . I am not the only one that would like this.

True, it is as long as they will still have satisfied customers…

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Hey Mike.

Just to mention.

I have been an alpha pilot from around alpha was introducet.

In that time frame i have contributet with 0 Euro.

I have like 90mill sp so no bigger motivations for making a subscribe for more sp grinding.

I have been thinking of resubscribing more times. But a mounth at a time have been to much for how much i am playing

Info update.

I have been subscribing for most part of My skill points

Do you think it more likely you’d play more if you knew you already paid for it?

In one game I know of they allow you to use up premium time as you go, but you have to buy it in 30/60/90/1Y chunks. Any login, even to retrieve a daily reward, uses up that day. You can’t login and decide not to use one of your days. For example decide to be “Alpha” that day if you had “Omega Days” available.

I dropped my subs because I wasn’t playing but I might put “days” on 1 or 2 accounts if I could use them up as I had time.