Weekly or Dailly Omega purchase options

Would be nice to have the ability to pay for Omega on a weekly or daily basis? Perhaps even weekends?

Lol, no. This would defeat the purpose of Omega, and kill the income for CCP. You know the servers and maintenance need to be up and running and paid for also when you are not playing. Be happy to have access at all to the game without paying.



It would only benefit alts as training would stop when not paying the sub.

I doubt EVE would survive on it’s in-game shop (as it is) so it needs its subscriptions.

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Agree with OP. Of course it would be reasonable to expect that shorter periods of time would cost more per day. I’ve seen plenty of other games do this, and it works just fine. For example:

1 day = 40 PLEX
3 days = 100 PLEX
7 days = 175 PLEX
30 days = 500 PLEX

I’m not saying those would have to be the figures, but I’m sure CCP can perform calculations to find optimal pricing. In a system like this it might be possible to find a balance that leads to an even higher overall monthly PLEX consumption than the current model.

They can do a trial perhaps and see the numbers.

In theory, I quite like this too.

We had this argument about splitting PLEX from the original to what it is now, it worked out better with the smaller plex as it allowed people to buy them as they earned faster. Also easier to trade with.

Same with Omega and smaller duration with PLEX, they Omega more frequently when they otherwise wouldn’t or couldn’t.

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no and this has been brought up before. It also means cyno pilots only need to be activated when needed among other alts with specialized skills.

Exactly. I dont need to be Omega right now, but Id like to be on Sunday when I have time to fly my space machine

Those “cyno pilots” and other “specialised roles” also multi account I bet.

I am a soloer, I go months without Omega, with this I could be Omega more often.

Why is that bad?

You’re not going to get that sort of explanation from a knee-jerker.

Because this makes it easier to have multiple accounts for things such as cynos where you could just put 5 in every system and activate them as needed vs actually investing in a character and said characters location.


They also probably have a main account they do fund and if you multi box/account you’re rich already.

I am a soloer, I go a long time without Omega, just because, I wait on offers, and as I earn enough for 30d.

With this I can add Omega time as I earn easier just like a smaller PLEX made it easier for me to accumulate enough PLEX to go Omega in the first place than save for a huge PLEX as before and the market shifted.

It means I consume MORE PLEX which is good for CCP isn’t it.

Right, so it makes setting up what you want to do more convenient and makes accessing content easier.

What does that mean exactly? Why is it better to need to spend ÂŁ40 and 3 months trining to do something that Id like to do on sunday?

Cough, cough…

Yup, it only applies to a small portion of the population though.

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I don’t have a Steam account on Eve, I run a solo account, but on Proton, however they are not linked. This is something they could improve though.

But the precedent is set, 7 days is already there, so make it available as an ingame option for the rest of us.

6.99 for a week when a month costs 15

Don’t they also need a PLEX sink so the ISK price goes up, and people buy more PLEX for isk?