How about Omega status for less than a month?

Was wondering what the folks on the forum and CCP thought about, say, paying for like a week of Omega (with PLEX or real cash) or for a specific amount of time at their discretion with options available for all situations … maybe 1 week, 2 weeks, 5 days or whatever. OK, make it more expensive but choice is good and maybe a lot of players would dig it as it can be tailored to fit in with their lives … i.e. go omega when you want for a while even if more costly for the privilege.



As mentioned before, it’d be used for logging in temp cyno alts and capital fleets, and then going non-omega when you don’t need them.

It’d probably be the opposite effect of what you’re thinking where omega pilots use the feature to drop down to alpha when they don’t need the sp more than alpha pilots upgrading to get access to sp.


Maybe make it a real cash payment only (no plex) option and make it a slightly more expensive option, then I guess it would at least be good for the game, and CCP, as in fund acquisition plus development funding. If you want special treatment, then pay for it and help the game.

Nope, this would break just too many things in EvE and for CCP. Either you commit on playing or not. You shouldn’t be able to keep yourself in the limbo.


Yeah, maybe so Ms. Tipa … was just thinking of a way to make things more flexible and keep/attract more casual players. However, understand that many things/suggestions mess with the balance of things.

Yes, a very good idea. A 1 hour omega would be the best though, that’s enough time to refill my PI farms and start up indy jobs. Every week, I could sub for 1 hour of omega and make like 400m passively, what a wonderful idea

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No, go away.


What about a day.

What about 10 hours.

What about 5 minutes.

Theres a reason why most, if not all subscription-capable MMOs go on a monthly basis and not a weekly or daily one.

Once you realize why, youll figure out why your idea is useless and will never be implimented.

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What about that corpse trade eh

The only place I see for a short Omega term is in introductory, new player, once-per account, cash-only type purchases.

As said above, to have ‘mini Omega’ periods available seems like the sort of thing players/bots would find ways to exploit.

However my own experience with converting trial players or ‘on-the-fence’ players considering their first purchase, into subscribers, is that they are less likely to buy a sub up front when things go beyond the $10 mark, and they would be held back by the notion ‘well if I want a decent price I have to buy a 3-month or more sub, and I’m not sure I want to commit that yet’.

There are various ways to package/offer start up deals, like the current starter package (and like previous starter packages CCP has already offered), that would give 10-15 days of Omega time included with other ‘starter’ items. Should be priced in the $5 to $10 range. Possibly $15 but would need to be a pretty good package to get people off the fence and into making cash purchases.

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It is already possible: You can contact support and suspend your omega status at any time and resume when convenient. Extra hassle but no extra pay.

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They shouted “you need granulation” when they split the plex

What happened to our granulation ccp?

Like I would miss out on being able to train up more sp, no matter if I have 0 useful skills left to train (CCP please introduce more gunnery skills or something)

they should make vip system long time ago. It is not normal some total endgame gamer pay same price as new - it was good in 2000 not now.

WOT WOW WOWp all do 3 - 7 day premiums I think its a good idea and a real earner for CCP

but haters gona hate in eve forums


You know why? Cause I could then quickly sub and login my dreadbomb for very little cost and then put them back to sleep when the dunk is over. It would break lots of things.

The fact that you compare PLEX to WOT premium is the real problem here…


I kinda like the idea.

I currently have an Alpha character with over 50 mill SP’s along with 320k unallocated SP’s sitting in the character sheet. I can’t inject those unallocated SP’s since that character has more SP’s than what Alpha characters are allowed.

If I could buy 1 day of Omega, I’d definitely inject those unallocated SP’s and then just go back to Alpha status.

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just stop this free sp stuff and give us lets say 1day omega for killing 10npc, 2days for 20npc and so on :slight_smile:

this would be really cool and would make people fix up into the omega game, because most of the time it is hard to go back into alpha mode if u had some time with all the stuff omega offers :wink:

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I’d be up for this but suggest that CCP make it a bit painful…


1 month = 500
2 weeks = 295
1 week = 160
1 day = 25

I’d like it so I can sync up my accounts easier so they all need to be PLEX’ed at the same time…man that’s tedious… :crazy_face: 1st world issues