Just a thought - botters, subscription prices, etc

I had a thought and wondered if it could somehow benefit the devs and community. I would like to share. Feel free to comment but please keep its constructive. :slight_smile: That is all I ask. I apologize for any grammar or spelling errors, English is a third language for me. Thank you!

So basically, idea is to consider the subscription construct with sight on adding a discount for players who sub at least one account Omega. Say I want three accounts. I pay full price for one, get the rest at a discount. We charge $15 a month for one Omega sub. Possibly, paying $5 for the discounted account could benefit players and the devs as well.

Long shot here but, consider if people didn’t have to pay as much to run their accounts, maybe they would bot less…

Bots are to PRINT isk … but is this for alliance means or personal means?

Let me explain: Alliances make tons of money off war, trade, and renting space. I have to imagine, it can’t lieterally be THAT difficult for CCP devs to see who is botting, RMT, etc… on such a scale. IMO, the botting is for more personal gain right? If this is SOMEWHAT accurate, it may benefit us all…

Can this trade work out? I mean, Even I have the thought: No way man… people are greedy, they just want money, it wouldn’t matter if it were for personal, corp, or alliance, botting and RMT will ALWAYS occur …

Maybe this is by design? to keep the sub costs high?

Basically I feel the cost for a sub is too great. Look at all the other games out there in the market. I know a company needs to profit, but there is a limit, and dimishing returns, and while reaching for the peak, the company may be hurting the lil guys who just cant see it feasible to pay 15$ per account x 6 or more accounts…

I want to play Eve with several accounts, and set them up in different ways, and all that, but also not have to grind for plex, because lets face it, 6 accounts a year sub isnt an inexpensive video game…

Maybe the two ideas and be modified or whatnot, but essentially, instead of just leaving the game entirely, I thought I would mention this idea. Im not interestedi n Alpha accounts, I think that was a terrible idea and should be swaped out for the discounted alt accounts, personally. I think it would benefit the player AND the community more…

CCP could reach more people wiht less cost for product, and it would give incentive for players to not have to grind so much or cheat to print that isk…

Anyway, just a thought. Maybe it could help someone who spawns another idea and another person takes that and runs with it. Who knows. Either way, I am reaching out because I care, I miss Eve, and I wish it would come back to the good times. :confused: Not only is Eve too expensive, by comparrison and on scale with alts, but also, the cheating is really hurting the game and hs basically been allowed on large scale operations. If this is all intentional, then I digress.


you can get a discount on all 3 accounts if you pay for bundle subscriptions (3/6/12 months).

Gotta say a hard no on this. No need to further encourage multiboxing.


Don’t see how this makes things better. If we make subsequent accounts a third of the price, you expect the average player to have MORE than three times the accounts? Why?

Surely if it’s their wallet that is limiting their number of accounts they will stop making new accounts when they reach the same limit?

The current model where you get discount for longer subs works better. Ccp get big sales up front which can then be invested/saved to make up for the money lost to the discount. This way also works for people who have no interest in alts.

Everybody wins.

CCP Quant gave us some statistics a few years ago showing that 65% of Eve players only had 1 account, 20% had 2 accounts. Overall, the average worked out to 1.5 accounts per player.

It seems like a couple of years since we’ve had a real subscription sale (12 months for $99). Not sure why but I suspect that would encourage a lot of people to open their real wallets.

Botters are mostly interested in selling the ISK they generate for real world cash. They are not players in any normal sense of the word - Eve is their job. How they make a living. As an old game, Eve has a lot of predictable PVE content that is easily farmed and a lot of newer players who don’t want to wait 3 years to fly a Titan - Botter heaven!

Last report (information) on account statistics said that the average “elite” player has 15 accounts…

So you are saying that CCP should give up on, assuming all accounts is omega, $140 per month per customer. This would most likely mean the end of CCP and EVE.

This would be more beneficial to botters than it would to the average player, it would increase botters profit-margin and possibly give even more incentives to bot. So I would have to say, No thanks!

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