Time for new benefits for omega paying subscriptions

As CCP are trying to get more paying clients, I’m surprised they haven’t decided to offer better offers to subscription paying players, not plex subscription that use ingame aquired plex.

So any one the purchases subscription through the Steam store or CCP subscription web page which is how omega was only available before plexing became available.

Ideally omega stays the same for plexing, but realworld purchased subscriptions should gain some benefit for purchasing solely subscription and not injecting plex into EVE, as CCP have been trying to encourage players to buy subscription, maybe give players a real reason to do so.

Make the benefit match the amount of the subscription, thus a 12month purchased subscription gains a rare skin or item, and lesser subscriptions gain less value items or skins.
Or maybe just a flat x3 or x4 skill point benefit while these subscriptions are active. That alone would encourage players to pay for subscriptions, as we all knew we have skills that we want, but can’t allocate training just for those long train time skills.

Anyhow just an spitball of an idea.

remember as noted above this doesn’t effect current omega or plexing for omega




And why not?

Just saying no with no reasons is just nothing, forums are for sharing ideas and coming up with better one, just saying no is nothing.

So why are you saying no?


But… CCP makes MORE profit off of Plexed subscriptions compared to direct subscriptions. This idea makes no sense. If anything, it should be the other way around.


because i don’t like the idea
plex or not plex , to me must be the same
but it just me

i mean , this is not the worst topic of the week , i just don’t like the idea , but maybe the others will

In that case by your thought they should just remove subscription purchases and force players to plex subscription.

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It seems like an idea CCP would consider.

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We already have 2 tiers of players, Alpha and Omega. Why do we want/need a third tier? Also as someone else said Omega paid for by PLEX is actually more expensive than if using real life money.


Ok nothing wrong with that, but what would you suggest?

Many people say no, but you hardly see any come up with better ideas.

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im fine with the game
im in the team eve is great
so i don’t have many suggestions atm


Same in with a good group, only reason suggested this was had a few asking why bother subing when they could just farm and plex.

Which raised the question whats the benefit of subing realworld.



I clicked this thread and immediately saw that I had the OP blocked.
Feels great, man.

Bad ideas belong in the garbage.


@Scoots_Choco why doesn’t that surprise me!

Was just waiting for you and a couple of others to start their trolling of topics.

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The benefit to subbing with real world cash, to me at least, is to not have a second job. I can login and do whatever I want with that feeling of having to earn enough isk to get my next fix of Omega. I am perfectly happy with the benefits that Omega currently gives. Do I want more stuff for the same price? Sure. Do I need that to continue paying for a sub? No, I do not.

So my “idea” is to keep things exactly how they are.


This thread is giving me déjà vu

As @Xeux already pointed out, PLEX is more profitable to CCP than actual subs. Also, PLEX helps regulate the economy by serving as an ISK sink. The fact that someone paid ISK for PLEX does not negate the fact that the PLEX was ultimately bought by someone else with $$$. Can you imagine what it would be like in real life if you bought a gift card (ignore the fact that few people use gift cards anymore) for a subscription to give to someone, but they had limited access to that subscription just because they weren’t the ones to buy the gift card? It’s the same BS with what you’re proposing.

With all due respect, what you’re proposing is an impractical solution to a non-existent problem. Better formulate the actual problems that need to be solved, and then identify more direct and simpler solutions.

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aaand yet another OP who doesn’t seem to understand how ccp makes money from plex…surprise, surprise…


we get a discount for subing for multiple months with cash vs PLEX is always 500 a month

I wont lie and claim I wouldnt want more stuff for my sub, I just cant see any reason that you or I can make cant be boiled down to greed

I cannot recall a single time that I crunched the numbers to find PLEX packages cheaper than their sub packages (in terms of PLEX->Omega), not even promotional packages (when PLEX/MCTs/other goods where bundled with subs, or PLEX packages had even more bonus PLEX than they usually do, etc)

No one else is coming up with ideas because no one else sees a problem.