Time for new benefits for omega paying subscriptions

@Nicolai_Serkanner you always such a positive person?

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Good to know!

Glad to be of service.

Look at how Fortnite runs…this is how PA wants to run Eve. I even made a joke once that CCP would implement expiring skins and , oh my god the greedy jokers did.

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Yeah, but the initial introduction of skins was the expiring version and not the current system we have … You lie about the joke.

“which is how omega was only available before plexing became available.”
PLEX has been around a long time before Omega was even a thing. You do realise all plex in game has been purchased by someone. So saying paying for a sub is some how more worthy than paying with PLEX is flawed from the get go. Its all profit for CCP so there is no difference, you are not a unique butterfly.

Go play wow or other crap if you want P2W

  1. plex cost more. so if I plex in game my omega time. CCP actually makes more real money than if I buy omega time.
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Giving away useful special items would just be the last nail in the pay2win coffin. The game is already borderline at best.

And skins? Shrug. I haven’t spent a single Euro on ingame stuff. I don’t care for this kind of stuff. Only exception to this was plex or subscription. And even the last plex buy was years ago.

The only real incentive is a better game.

So again: NO!


Most people don’t buy PLEX to pay for a subscription, they buy the PLEX to sell it in-game for ISK or use the PLEX to purchase Skill Extractors (and other things) from the NES.

The people who sub their accounts with PLEX are buying it with ISK. They definitely didn’t spend any of their own real money to get it.

So yeah, in a sense I agree with the OP. Players who spend real money to buy a subscription should get a better incentive to continue doing it.


Every subscription in game is payed with real money. If get omega with plex, just someone else buy that plex with money. It’s not “omega from thin air”

Only iniciative to buy subscription should be fun and healthy game full of content. Any additional item on top of that will be simple p2w.


Dude, that explanation is Bullsh*t,

You used in-game currency to buy the PLEX and used it to sub your account, it didn’t cost you any real money so no to your reasoning. Meanwhile the player who bought the PLEX with real money got something for it, either ISK or items from the NES.

And if you bought the PLEX with real money to sub your account, then you’re a fool.

CCP could encourage more players to sub their accounts with real money if they gave a little something extra with the sub, especially since there’s a lot of people out of work due to the current Covid crisis.


Read my post once again. I already smell rage “because DMC can’t be wrong”. So I don’t car. I won’t argue with you…


Dude, don’t feed the troll.

I don’t have to read your post again, you got a free subscription by using in-game currency to buy PLEX, it didn’t cost you any of your own real money. The person who paid real money for the PLEX got what they wanted which was ISK.

To encourage more people to sub their accounts using real money, CCP could easily add a little something extra to the sub.

In the future don’t direct any more of your replies towards me, like how that asinine forum troll Anderson just did.


ISK that I generated with my time. He payed real money to not use his time to generate isk. It’s his decision how he spent his money. In the end CCP gets money for omega time.

So your idea of “omega with ISK gives not income to CCP” is total garbage. Also plex prices dropping so rapidly are clear sign that CCP don’t need to encourage players to spent money on game. They just need to make sure to develop good game.


I never said that.

It’s look like it is already the case, several time I saw promotion with paying subscriptions with additionnal free skins/extractor/multiple account …
You wish they would do more promotion like this ?
I think CCP knows better when to make them, doesn’t it ?

CCP does offer subscription promotions. My accounts are currently taking advantage of a multiple character training promotion offered in March. Several of my characters have Sariel’s Flames skins from a subscription promotion a couple of years ago. Before that CCP used to offer 12 months for $99 on a fairly regular basis though I haven’t seen that for a while. They’ve also offered some fantastic deals through DLC’s in the past, though the current offering isn’t very attractive at regular price and they don’t appear to be in any hurry to put them on sale.

The fact that we aren’t seeing more sales tells me that CCP is happy with the current situation and sees no need for additional incentive.

Paying for game time with PLEX hasn’t been easier for quite some time. Changes to the game over the past year have increased the value of ISK relative to PLEX by roughly 30%. I don’t think CCP really cares whether players pay with cash or PLEX given that PLEX can’t be farmed in game - someone originally bought it with real world cash.

Assuming CCP follow generally accepted accounting practices, they will book income from PLEX when they are redeemed, not when they are sold - the PLEX will be carried as a liability until redeemed.


As soon as they will give something out for subs, some people will complain that it is not enough or the thing they imagined would be nice. So in the end it will just devalue the offer.

Look how people reacted to the daily login rewards. There was nothing to complain about when they didn’t exist, but now they are not good enough and people already complain.