SKINs for Omega subscribers

My idea is: Allow Omega subscribers to have “free” access to a few SKINs across different ships. I’m not saying Omegas should have access to all SKINS (I get that certain SKINs are highly collectible/valuable)- but a few free color options would be a nice “perk” to include with my subscription. This would be license access only- so people can’t sell these on the market or anything, just the ability to use it on the ship you’re flying. Of course, if your Omega subscription should lapse- you’d lose access to these SKINs (at least until you re-subscribe).

As an Omega subscriber, it would be nice to have a few additional SKIN options to choose from - for no additional cost.


If you are Omega, you have 5 skin slots and 3 clothing slot* (full sets, of course) included in your subscription. If you want more slots, you have to pay for them. The slots are per ship, not per ship class. You can setup the slots in your Character window or a new menu. The slots can be changed once per week or maybe on a monthly basis. Extra slot changes can be purchased as well.

Instead of CCP deciding for me what I can use, I want to be able to decide which ships I want to see skins on. Paying for skins and clothing all the time should only be reserved for the alpha freeloaders. Already paying customers should have at the very least a small portion of the Macro Transaction stuff included in their sub.


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@Mike_Azariah @Brisc_Rubal

I like dis. But I guess the real question is whether or not it will increase the rate that people go omega, and more than pay for the cost it takes to design the skins.

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Lol we were supposed to be the ones making skins. That got tossed out the second they saw how much money people would pay them.

Good luck with this. There is 0 benefit for ccp to do this.

1 free skin a month or something would be a nice touch.

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