Customizable Skins

I just wonder how many hours people would spend in the custom skin window should this idea take off. Im sure Im not the first to mention this, but I wanted to kick that ball again to see if it rolls.

In the skin window, there would be one skin that was “customizable”

It would apply to any ship you were presently sitting in.

You could then choose between an array of colors, and patterns

Kinda like how we can make custom looking medals for our corp mates?

Would love a color pallet to choose from, neon colors, gloss, flat, rainbow…

Patterns could be basic or complex, maybe there is some customizing that could be edited in here as well as choosing from pre made patterns?

Make it an Omega feature…


Who would buy any SKINs after this?

CCP would sell those licenses for 10000 PLEX and each license can only create one skin (or many 3) for 1 ship (not class, a specific type only).

This has been brought up before… and giving players customizable skins would result in a percentage of the player base doing their very best to make the stupidest, most offensive, puerile looking ships simply to get a rise from other people.

CCP relies on their graphics (in part) to promote the game, and they wouldn’t want this ruined by moronic looking shipskin pictures all over the internet.

Saying that, I would like to design my own skins, maybe generate a unique ‘style’ for all my ships. But I fear the troll nature of some players would ruin it.


So the artists would have to make sure that any pattern and color combination in the system is applied decently to any ship in the game. Sounds like a lifetime of work to me.

If you don’t let people directly “draw” and not allow the upload of pictures it could proove difficutl for that szenario.
Ohter option is that someone at CCP has to approve skins first, which end up like tha alliance logos taking weeks to get signed off.

Well I guess I have a few thoughts.

I dont think it would be as bad as it seems… I did mention CCP making selectable skins from which we choose from, like the medals? so I cant see any rainbow hello kitties, or nazi signs, or penis’s flying in space. The models could be easily rendered, just as they are now. It wouldnt be a lifetime of work, no more than it is to keep the game itself running and attracting new players. if art and graphics is a huge selling point for CCP, then I think it could be a good idea to further explore this idea. It could be made to benefit both the players and the developers.

And the purchased skins, well, they look as they look, they are unique, so who ever wanted those skins would pay for them. Im just saying, there isnt much ART or color to it… I mean we get three to five choices now, thats cool, bu I am encouraging taking it to the next level.

I fail to see much difference between the idea that skins would be used to troll people, and the customized avatars we can make. did ccp make penis tattoos so I can have on on my cheek? no. will they make penis skins for my tengu? no… to me, thats silly. but if everyone REACTS to ■■■■ that everyone else does, then hey, why bother playing Eve at all?

CCP wouldnt have to charge 10,000 plex. it could be reasonable. it could be a loot drop, like a blueprint but its a custom skin, you get to choose from patterns and asign your own colors.

im surprised this idea isnt more popular. most games let you c
ustomize your gun, your outfit, any supplies you bring, etc etc. I even get pain on my gun in bf4… I can choose custom logos, etc… Im saying this cause it could be used as a selling feature for omega perhaps. and that could be all you need to get the skin as well, just be an omega.

Id love to see various patterns and colors we can add to our ships.

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Have you ever seen any of the gallente industrials?

So true. maybe skin artwork contests are better, just put the top 10 in game


ssshhhh you… :stuck_out_tongue:

Pretty much just copy how mechwarrior online does it and be done with it. You pay for pre-set colors and patterns for either permanent use at a high price and or a single ship use for a lower price. Still profitable and it gives the devs control over what can be put on ships while still giving players near endless customization.

Player chooses the pattern they want and then a set amount of colors in certain slots to fill in that pattern or design.

I fully support this Cauldron0rn, pre-designed colours and patterns, that the player can mix and match. Customization is always good in a game, it allows players to feel that they are more unique and individual.

Heh heh, just found this in ‘General’ and I think it sums up my fears for complete player freedom, that I mentioned earlier in the thread.

I was just thinking this, and wanted to see if there was a post before I created my own. Of course there would have to be parameters, but I think It would be a cool Idea if there were preset lines, designs, and colors.

I hate to bring up STO, but one thing I liked on there was that the color could be changed and you could customize the ship itself into varying degrees. I had the Voyager, but I mixed it up a lil bit to give it a different feel.

From 00:10:30 to 00:16:00 they talk about their skinning tool, ‘Pattern Projection Tech’.

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