Ship skin paint kits - sell them in store

Players buy a paint kit in the store, design a dank ship skin paint job, then sell it on the market.

I mean your two new ship skins are like neon green and orange lines tossed on. It is pretty…lackluster.
Seeing the corp and alliance recruitment videos on the in game station screens, I know there is some talented artists in the game.

Aside from the fact that everyone and their cat would be running a knock-off Hello Kitty version, I can think of one reason this wouldn’t fly with CCP: they’d sell less SKINs.

Another potential hurdle is communicating said custom SKIN data to everyone else in order to view it. I’m not sure how CCP currently handles this - but I don’t think EVE transmits all the SKIN data all the time (more likely just the SKIN reference # for rendering).

Now if this isn’t the case and transmitting custom data is relatively easy, then yes - I’d certainly endorse a customizable one-off SKIN that let players choose the primary and second colors, hull lights and ship running lights (engine glow and shield burst color would also be cool).

They will come eventually, don’t worry. And they will cost you 10.000 PLEX for a license to create one or two skins for a frigate class (a license to create skins for Rifters only, for instance) of a race. Higher ship classes will obviously cost more PLEX. A lot more.

Will this be one of those “help keep the lights on @ CCP” features? I don’t mind them being expensive - but 10,000 PLEX places this back in “monocle” territory.

Yeah I see your points about loading custom skins. I…didn’t think that through. You are correct. But yo how cool would it be so see corporation skins and alliance skins. Custom hull lights and engines would also be amazing.

my question is, if it were possible to implement, I know that the XBone Forza game had the feature to design custom paint jobs and sell them and other players could see it, but that was small servers not a super shard, if it were possible to do it for the sake of argument.

Would CCP sell more paint kit skins, or official CCP skins?

And if it isn’t possible, would it be possible for large alliances to submit custom skins to CCP to add to the system for only that alliance to use?

I think it is cool to make the ship your own, I dont exactly keep a ship very long before getting blown up in it, but it would still be really cool.

I love seeing the talent the players in EvE generate. Custom content, wars, doctrines, strategies, roleplay.
I think custom skins would really add to that.
Hello Kitty frigate fleet inbound on our position…Launch the Mudkip Destroyers!
Yotsuba Koiwai Best Girl bombers bar fleet uncloaking!

Draw ***** on every ship.

Can’t believe forum doesn’t censor that word HAH

You know that would happen.

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