Player created skins

Games where you create your own content seem to be quite popular nowadays. Games like Minecraft, Space Engineer and Growtopia. EVE currently has very few content creation options available. Medals, bio text, corporation/alliance names and descriptions, ship names, alliance logos are player created content.

I propose player created skins. There should be program available that allows you to paint ship and add logos to your ship. Then you can offer your ship skin for approval. After your ship skin has been approved you can buy ship painting kit from aurum store and create one unit of your own custom ship painting. Then you can use this ship painting yourself or sell it in market or in contract.

Comments are welcome for my idea!

ps. EVE should have lots of more player created content to be interesting.


Yeah, because what we really need are umpteen different variations of Hello Kitty SKINs.

clearly you forgot the fan fest when the SKIN tech was announced and all the stuff that was put in place to stop such things

however we are never going to get this. CCP would lose to much money. that’s why after the “test run” to gauge interest in alternate skins we stopped hearing ccp talk about player made skins

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No. Some COD fanboy would make gold chrome skins for every ship.

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How about a compromise?

When you win the alliance tournament can you and year team hand in a design for a SKIN. If it passes QA and finds approval by CCP does it become official and you can have your very own SKIN.

TL;DR: Lets require some serious effort before we let players design their own SKINs.

Let players put their corp flag on their ship.


again with skins the color pallet can be heavily restricted. do some research on what the tool was originally designed to be

No, thanks. It will end up looking like the ships were sponsored through advertisement. Ships already have logos such as SoE, Kalakiota or Duvolle and these need to stay. NPC corporations have a place in EVE as defined by the lore of the game, meaning, you cannot just take them off for no good reason. Same as you don’t turn a Boing 747 into a CocaCola 747. Boing doesn’t need to sell out. SKINs are like custom paint-jobs for planes.

Players would also try to choose their logos after what they think looks best on a ship, or perhaps what the corp boss thinks looks best on his favorite ship. It doesn’t need this kind of vanity.

CCP has so far done a great job with SKINs. They kept the vanity valuable and gave each a meaning. I still think of SKINs as art on a hull with a value, which can be expressed in ISKs. It’s simply uncalled for to destroy this.

I say nothing about removing those. Granted you can see a Boeing 747 tail marker for southwest or united while it still looks like a 747 with appropriate markings. Players should have the option to not view corp flags by default. Still would be limited on in game assets considering corp flags already exist in game. Would probably take one artist to determine where good locations for corp flags would exist for ships.

ps. Boeing absolutely needs to sell out. They don’t sell planes they don’t have customers. Customer wants a plane with their tail insignia on it they get a plane with their tail insignia on it. Source:

If a corp (or alliance) wishes to have their ships show up with their flag on it why not?

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Respectfully, I’m not going to agree with your idea. I want SKINs to remain as artful as possible.

Isn’t it obvious? No? Because this is EVE, dude. Players will find ways to draw boobs and penises on their ships. If not, it’s going to be skulls.

Then their corp flag wouldn’t be uploaded on the game in the first place. You think CCP doesn’t look at alliance logos and corp logos before uploading them?

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It doesn’t work this way. CCP would only sort out the worst, but then give free rule to players if they actually meant to do this. It’s not going to be artful, but it will use up graphics resources. No, thanks.

Find somebody else to sell your idea to? You don’t have to make this about me. I’m obviously not a fan of your idea.

Corp logos already use up resources. Artful is an opinion.

Depending on if you like it or not this is either artful or a waste. Still uses graphic resources.

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Yours is an opinion, too, yet you keep replying to me as if mine had no value. Starts feeling disrespectful. Would you like to try and sell it to somebody else? Maybe don’t click reply and keep coming with it to me? Just an idea, you can certainly keep ignoring me just for the sake to sell your opinion once more in another reply …

Discussion has value. Dismissal has only “I disagree” to it. If you don’t want to discuss it why reply at all in the first place?

You are also not the only person reading this forum. You did engage and replied multiple times. But if discussion has no value to you… follow your own advice?

MinerArt, I thought I leave you room for you to say it, but it’s obviously not on your mind and it’s me who has to say.

… How about we just agree to disagree?

Well I want this to happen but after the many more important things happen first.

please go look at the prototype they were developing

CCP is too risk averse to allow players creativity.

It’s not CCP’s fault, all corporations tend to this fear of change, after all, if you are successful, change is bad because you might become unsuccessful.

It’s a real shame that game devs want to hoard the fun of creating stuff for themselves.

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