Cosmetic changes to corporate logos and custom ship skins

Hi there!

I’m a new player in EVE Online and love the game! However, I would like to propose a couple cosmetic changes to the game that will not only benefit the players but also CCP as well.

  1. The ability to import our own corporation logos into the game. I belong to a corporation and we have a really cool out-of-game corporate logo that would look great in-game and make the game more immersive! I realize there are many more corporations than alliances, but this would add to the immersive quality of the game. I imagine a lot of manual labor would be involved in this undertaking (processing, approving, etc). If CCP can’t devote the resources to such an endeavor, then maybe crowdsourcing the labor to dedicated volunteers would be feasible (like Project Discovery)?

  2. The ability to customize our ship skins. Players spend a lot of time at the beginning of the game customizing their characters and then never really looking or interacting with the portrait. On the other hand, we spend the entire game looking and interacting with our ships in space all with a limited number of available skins.
    a) CCP could create special “body shop” hangars in npc stations that would allow players to apply different custom paint jobs and decals to their ships. These ship paint jobs could be monetized by CCP.
    b) It would also be great if corporations/alliances were allowed the ability to create official ship skins with their colors and logos. As an example, I can imagine flying my Heron with corporate colors and our corporation logo in place of where the Caldari logo is currently located on the ship. Again, CCP could monetize these corporation/alliance ship skins and sell them in-game just like regular permanent ship skins. Or maybe charge a change fee to apply the skin to the ship since intellectual property may be involved?

Let me know if you think any of the above ideas are actionable and if I can in any way be of assistance. I would love to see them implemented in-game!

Thank you for your time and I look forward to the responses,
Vega Blazar

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It’s just gonna be dicks.

I don’t want to bloat my computer any more than it already needs to by forcing the client to download a copy of every customized ship skins on the off chance that someone appears on my grid and my client needs to render it.

You’re gonna say, “well then don’t download it until you actually see it.” at which point, it can be abused with players rapidly loading and unloading different skins that requires their victims’ clients to continually download new skins.

Both bad ideas.

If Star Wars Squadrons can do it, why not EVE?

Because CCP cant even get their servers to run reliably.

This is why I asked Barstylody to moderate you more. You’re out of line, young old man!

EDIT: Old. I meant to say ‘old man’

iono, have you considered the fact that
Squadrons came out in 2020 on a completely separate engine by a company that’s backed by billions through multiple established titles?

compared to a 16+ year old game on an ancient engine run by a (comparatively) smaller company whose only real success was EVE Online.

This is the dumbest type of comparison to make.
EVE Online can have 2.5k+ active players in a single grid fighting in a huge space battle, why is Squadrons only limited to a 5v5? hurrrr durrrrrrrr

But how do you moderate the truth? :wink:

Thank you @Scoots_Choco for your enlightened commentary. What does everyone else think?

Yeah, both of these ideas are cool, but I don’t think that they’re ever going to happen. Custom corp logos would require too much work on CCP’s part to approve and import all those logos, and custom ship skins would probably cut into CCP’s revenue on their skins.

They were discussing custom skins 6 years or so ago, but never made it live

Not mention the man hrs it would take to scan each skin before allowing it into the game.

@MB_ThePhotographer yeah, i agree. that’s why i was thinking maybe crowdsourcing the labor to dedicated volunteers would be feasible (like Project Discovery)? the volunteers get small in-game rewards for their time and CCP doesn’t have their limited resources continually siphoned away.

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The custom logo’s that were so pervasive in COD will appear in eve. And that was just filth. Creative…pretty well put together… but filth.

Whilst eve isn’t for young gamers, it’s still teen rated. So any custom logos should go through CCP first and that’s just not realistic on a corp level.

Custom skins is a much more workable idea. Preset designs can be released and players simply change the colours and add effects.

The trouble with that however is that it will directly compete with one of CCPs revenue sources.

Edit- oh yeah and the lag. Eve has to consider the performance of the game when thousands of players are in the same place. Unless the server auto-switches off for everyone if it detects big loads.

[quote=“Vega_Blazar, post:1, topic:263968”]
The ability to import our own corporation logos into the game … The ability to customize our ship skins … corporations/alliances were allowed the ability to create official ship skins with their colors and logos …[/quote]

Firstly, welcome to the game @Vega_Blazar . Good to hear that you’re enjoying it.

I liked your post because the ideas are indeed pretty cool, but I’m not sure that they’ll happen, sadly, for a bunch of reasons.

As others have stated already, too much graphical diversity in the game would lead to a bloat of processing power requirements (because of the need to render customized ship skins and so on) and this would slow everything down and/or lead to more crashing which is not desireable.

The same goes for the creation and importation customised corporation logos, and the point made by @Shipwreck_Jones regarding the amount of review work that this would tie CCP into is also well made, again not really feasible.

One thing however which might be possible would be for the existing corporate logo to be applied to ships. This might be easier to achieve and would be pretty cool.

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