Corporation, alliance & coalition colours

just a quick one, but how about a small ingame option where if you’re a corporation, alliance or even coalition leader you can create your own skin for a singular ship which the other corporation members can use for that ship. giving corporations alliances & coalitions distinct colours and appearances on the battlefield, kind of like a space warpaint.

to prevent people from making skins which already exisit in the game, you could simply limit options to a singular colour across the hull and two or three designs / shapes for a secondary colour, i imagine there must be something like it in place within the game mechanics already due to having skins in the first place, so if it can be made accessable but on a slightly different basis it might just add some more flavour to peoples corporations.

does nothing to doctrines other than make players feel like their ships look cooler and lets be honest, we all want our ships to look awesome.

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This has been mentioned before, ccp almost gave us customizable skins. There were even talks at one point of alliance logos on ships. That went nowhere as well. @Brisc_Rubal could you bring either of these up?

don’t forget the banners too,

but yeah CCP saw how much money people were willing to pay for skins and decided it would be best to keep them as something they could keep milking people for rather than letting them make their own.

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