Corporation/alliance SKINS

I think that this would be an interesting addition to the game and would allow alliances to make SKINS for a certain amount of PLEX for each ship and make CCP a good amount of money. I know I would pay good money for a Pandemic Horde SKIN for my doctrine ships.

They want to do this, however there hang ups in the Code due to current mechanic determining skin ownership on an individual level.


The code itself shouldn’t be too hard, check at every downtime if the player is a member of an alliance, then unlock the alliance skin for 24 hours.

The usual concerns about unique skins are the Hello Kitty fans, though we have Rosada Dawn, so the color palette already exist.

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Add tab to corporation/alliance window for purchasing skin (price can be set by CEO / Director / Executor and can be set to 0):

  • SKINS are volatile (they go boom when you lose the ship) and / or expire when departing corp / alliance
  • SKINS are ship specific only, but available for every ship through said tab
  • SKINS are not tradeable
  • Corp / Alliance Submits 3 colors and logo (if desired) Logo replacing the hull’s manufacturer

Seems like they should be able to get past the code.

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This would be neat tho. Even a free skin that only says the acronim of the Corp.

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