[SKINS] Corp Logo Skins - Donning the Colours!

Imagine being able to represent your corporation by donning their colours!

Stations boast holographic projections of Corporations (and Alliance) Logos already.
I would love to have that as a skin-option of my capital ship.
Project my Corps logo somewhere on the side/top/a flat surface area.

“Generic dark colour skin + Corp Logo” and “Generic light colour Skin + Corp Logo” so it works with different logo colours and covers most bases.

I know this idea might not be new or might have been around before but with newer skins already utilizing projections (looking at you edencom and permaband) and with stations already having a “add corp logo here” feature it seems like this might not be too crazy to combine the two.
Make the skins look semi good and I cant imagine a capital pilot NOT wanting them.

Additionally: If it works out it always gives the option to further expand the “Corp-Skin” sortiment in the future by making it a thing for other ships aswell.
(Why start with capital ships? I figured they have big surface areas and it would add to the ‘statement of power’ the ship represents for the corporation. No other real reason).

Fly safe
Mike Kingswell

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I don’t know what the hell is up with CCP and cosmetics. They’ve made so many crap skins over the years, and so many apparel items are boooooooring. I don’t know what their deal is. It’s like they hate money.

Of course, the first concern with creating unique skins for player groups is keeping dev cost for each variant as low as possible. However, your proposal illustrates that there are ways to do it. If they created some template skins, they could swap colors and logos rather easily. I also seem to recall them talking about some new tech that made it easier for them to project patterns on ships a few years back at a live event. So, they might even already have the tools for making logos look good with minimal effort.

So, why won’t they make player organization skins? Dunno. Maybe they found some difficulties that we’ve failed to consider. Or maybe they’ve determined that it would eat too much into other skin sales, thus minimizing the amount of extra money that it would bring in. Dunno.

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I’m with you here. I really can’t understand why CCP doesn’t do some simple things that the game industry has been doing for years, notably community-made SKINs. I’ve seen so many amazing concepts on Twitter!

Structures SKINs, Corp SKINs (love this idea), ship decals (let me see my ship’s name on the hull…) - there’s just so many little things that would bring in money…

A bit of a crazier idea is a Corp Lounge of sorts that we can decorate. I’ve said it repeatedly - I’d go broke if we had a place I could hang out with my corp and decorate.

Alas, NFTs & crypto crap is what we’ll get instead :slight_smile:


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