Corporate Ship skins Logo and uniform Logo

Hello fellow Eden citizens Our corporate identities are important. letting everyone know who we are is important. I would like to see my Corp Logo on my ships and mt uniform of all corporate members and Assets like structures. I would my Race logo, Corp logo and Alliance Logo stating who I am, where I am from and What I represent as a Eden Citizen of Eve. Theses items are offered in the Character, Corporation and Alliance creation sections… CCA’s are a one time things that are placed in after I select them, there is a preview window and a final question if you require to change something. I agree there should be a better multi-color panel, more icons and a fourth selection for CEO and Alliance leaders have access to member pics and number online with location .

Of course, for 70$ worth of PLEX. :sunglasses:


Are you CCP, if there is no value in cost, this is a function that is given to players by CCP as a part of the game. No isk needed.

If you pay extra.

Of course, you pay $. :joy:

for Omega lol

I just joke that CCP found out how to milk the suckers tho and they will milk them.

This could be amusing.

That is when I see your corp logo and summon the Alliance to find you, and destroy every ship, station an asset, lol

Yes I see every alliance member crying on alliance forums that this one or that just had an argument that was so strong it could not be refuted, so its time for revenge. :joy:

lol energy has been generated Neo (matrix) thank you I will be waiting, lol your father

I wonder how long you will have to wait. I was asking for the same stuff long time ago, when they implemented SKINs to the game. Enjoy your waiting game. :joy:

Padawan Skalski The force is forever… learn and watch faith in the force…

Pray in all languages you want, but have a wallet full and ready. :sunglasses:

Watch the market activity, that is the force in Eve

Send me 1500 :credit_card: PLEX or equivalent value of ISK and I make this happen… I promise. :innocent:

*results may vary

Hello fellow Eden citizens Our corporate identities are important. letting everyone know who we are is important.

I’m all for this only so long as all bees have to wear this:


Ohhhhhh Hmm Can I see an Alt model this is lol

I am sure purchase to 1000 stock share in my marketing Corp as sell sky rocket 1500 plex is possible.

This could be a huge money maker for CCP, I really can’t understand why when they seem to be on a microstransaction money grab that they have not yet done corp / alliance logo’s for ships.