Heraldry and Corporate Logo

This is a small thing in the big scheme of things, but a GM suggested I post it here.

The current system, as I discovered, requires that you be in an alliance in order to display your corporate logo. This seems like an unnecessary requirement. Not all corps want or need to be part of an alliance but would still like to put the logo on their ships. After all, this is just a cosmetic item and players should be able to display a corporate logo without having to join or create an alliance just to do it.

I would propose that this alliance requirement be removed so that when players purchase the ability to place a corporate logo, they can actually use it.

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I imagine this will come with the skin changes being worked on right now. Check out what CCP Mischief said about it in the last Talking in Stations.

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Ah, cool. Thanks, I’ll check it out

You don’t need to be in an alliance to display a corp logo. Where is this information stated?
I’m not in an Alliance atm, but corp logos on the ships i paid EverMarks for are visible.

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interesting, when I first tried it I got a message pop up telling me I couldn’t do it and it said something about being in an alliance. Now it seems to be working fine :thinking: :+1:

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