Player Created Corporation Icons

so, how about re improve the corporation and alliance Icons with player submitted ones. i know there is a system in place for that with alliance Logos.

however if we could further revamp and expand on this system to make it similar to creating your own Heraldry and corporation colors, you could then pay for your logo to become permanent with PLEX in game.

so say you have a corp, you use generic corporation logo make.
but you want cool swanky logo to look awesome with.
currently you would have to form an alliance and use the alliance logo, but this is a lot of effort and doesn’t help you upgrade the initial corp logo as you want.

create cool home made logo
submit for review
once approved, you then pay PLEX to make it permanent

I feel this will be an interesting approach because it adds more personal value to the corporation itself
without having to found an alliance just to make yourselves look better

this also means players can spend a substantial amount of time investing in branding, for example, goonswarm has their goonbee icon, I’ve never flown in goons however i know it has a wide variety of forms for all occasions.

if you didn’t want an awesome logo, you could just use generic corp logo making v1

Ehhhh i don’t know about paying for more thing with PLEX but the corporation logo pool of assets could use some new ones.

As a casual role-player though, i love the idea if we would get to have our own corporation logos. For me the downside is that majority of the Alliance logos literally already ruin my immersion haha :joy: not to talk about the goddamn names. Xx_DragonSlayer_xX all over the place lol goddamnit :joy: