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I don’t post here very often, but I would like to make a suggestion that I think would help with the overall aesthetic of the game, and give some options to new and old corporations alike.

The current batch of “Corporation Logo Icons” that we have are 150 or so icons with 15 colour combinations of 3 layers. A simple calculation brings the total number of available combinations to 2250 combinations of any one layer, and 11,390,625,000 different combinations of the 3 layered images together.

Whilst this may sound like a lot, it really isn’t as robust as it sounds when you consider that the list of images consists mainly of eagles, skulls, x’s, pentagrams, cross’s, snakes, horses, scorpions, swords and Stars. Couple that with the fact that a good quarter of these images are meant to be backdrops, like checkered boards, circle outlines, dart boards, and stripes. There are a few outliers here of course with a crescent moon, bullet image, and a lightening bolt, to name a few.

My point here is that while it seems like we have such incredible variety and diversity in numbers, in reality we have 11,390,625,000 eagles, skulls, x’s, pentagrams, cross’s, snakes, horses, scorpions, swords and stars layered on top of checkered boards, circle outlines, dart boards, and stripes.

I think this looked really great back in the early 2000’s when the rest of the graphics more closely resembled the low res grungy style of the current corporation logos we see today, but now I feel like it sticks out as something that needs to be brought up to date with everything else. Corp logos are something that you see everywhere in eve. Corp offices docked in station, on the killboard, right click view info, who owns that citadel, recruitment panel, set standings, war panel; I could go on and on.

I’m not going to propose an entire new system is implemented to revolutionize the universe or whatever, because I think there are probably more pressing matters to attend to in regards to securing eve online’s future into 2020 and beyond.

Maybe add some new images, new backdrops, higher res images with more depth, add a 4th layer, more colour swatches, opacity layers in place of colours.

You guys are smart, I’m sure you can think of something amazing :fist_right::fist_left:



Shiny new corp logo designs please.

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Why not allow a system similar to the alliance logo would love to make a Corp logo for my alt to fit Role play but not have to make a alliance just for that.


Could even set up a monthly fee similar to alliance bill if a corporation wants a custom logo.

I think the “time to penis” rule applies in this instance. If we can put whatever we want up there, you will see penises in no time

I wouldn’t mind seeing a system where logos are added to the nexus store, or as drops for doing stuff in the game, similar to skins and loot rewards.

Better yet, make it an isk sink to combat inflation

You do know alliance logos get reviewed before they are active.

Yeah, and ccp wont have time to review every corp logo that gets uploaded

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Payment may expedite that custom logo review process, however it still feels like an imperfect approach that puts CCP in a bind if customers feel their paid requests aren’t being reviewed in a timely manner. Maybe a separate volunteer ISD division that coordinates with brand department’s guidelines?

If you can buy character apparel and ship skins for Plex, why not make corporations be able to submit custom logos for GM revision for the plex price as well (only CEO)? Its just a cosmetic change anyway like skins. They dont need to be added to client asap, but every month or so and submitting way beforehand, with a proper image format, size and content is players’ responsibility.

It is a custom piece if they say it will be two months then it will be two months. Format and size is defined anyway so work is player side all someone does is check. Does it look like certain body parts or other extreme things and done.

Logos also should not contain text, because checking all the languages for words and their urban definitions can be a nightmare.

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Yeah it could be done the system is there and it could be more constrained than alliance as it is step 1 of 2 for a personal touch. It should have a heavy ISK cost of 1+ bil similar to the cost of alliance being 1 bil plus bills and could even require a Corp to be a year old already.

I would pay to submit a corporation logo. One of our members does graphic design.

TVO_00 TVO_00_transparent TVO_00_Watermark

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