Here's why Eve needs new corporation logo options

I think there’s been a lot of new, easily recognizable, Eve-specific image motifs created since the last time they updated the options. And when was that, anyway?

Things that are immediately recognizable to players that would make good corporate logos:

  1. Filament shapes for any group that does filament-related stuff.
  2. Cloaking device shape and other immediately recognizable module shapes, such as a scanning probe, repair modules etc.
  3. Now that FW is more accessible and popular, FW-specific logo options that reference the different Empires would be great.
  4. I’m sure there’s tons of other stuff that I couldn’t begin to list here. For example, a Rifter (and other key frigates) outline seems really obvious to me. Same with the exploration ships. Or haulers/freighter outlines for hauling and freighting corps.

Also, an option to flip elements left/right would increase the variety of all existing things. That way you don’t see the same Rifter everywhere and so-on.

being able to increase the number of the same item would also be good.

1 would put it in the center, 2 would make them smaller and put them side by side. 3 makes a triangle and so on.

Then you’d be able to rotate the whole operation so you could position them in another location. (The gray box is merely there as a positioning aid.)

And of course, rotate the individual items as well.

The logo creator has been woefully neglected for at least a decade.

Makes me all the more happy when I see a corp that managed to come up with an intriguing corp logo in spite of the very limited and awkward possibilities.