Corp and Alliance Logos need to be bigger

Much bigger. I stuck one on my blockade runner and it’s tiny. I want to see it huge, and plastered on both sides.


Yeah, I mentioned that back when they were first released, I got one on my Rifter and the Logo location was on the back top portion of the main fuselage by the engines.

First, they need to be better. Corp logos in particular. One of my corps has a really stylish logo that works well in the Show Info window, but when it’s applied to the ship holograms, the black square background looks just ugly. Sadly, the black background square is necessary to make the corp logo work in the first place. Before CCP makes these bigger, they need to improve the Corp Logo Creator.

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How, after twenty freaking years, did they still manage to screw this up? Someone at CCP looked at this and said, “That looks great to me!”

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I want my logo to say ’ If you can read this logo then you are within turret range’

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And why not?

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