Alliance logo policy update

Hello spacefriends,

With the arrival of corporation and alliance emblems on ships with the Uprising expansion last November, CCP decided that we should apply a more critical eye when it came to considering alliance logo submissions. Since alliance logos would be turning up in more and more places as our ambitions for Heraldry continued to expand, we felt it was important to establish a standard for alliance logos that helped make sure our players were putting their best foot forward.

Recently there has been some discussion within the community about our new approach. After listening to your feedback and holding some internal discussions we have decided we should relax the content requirements for alliance logos closer to what they were before Uprising and allow player groups to express themselves more freely. This means that an alliance logo submission will no longer be rejected outright on the grounds of being too light-hearted, comical, cute or “cartoony”.

However we will continue to insist that supplied artwork is created to a professional standard. In short, although we will be less critical about the content of the logos, we will continue to have high expectations for the quality of the logo. Going forward, throwing something together in MS Paint, or an amateur Photoshop effort, or a copypaste from Midjourney may not be enough.

Nor does this mean we’re going to be putting aside our established alliance logo policy - please read and fully consider those guidelines before you begin developing your alliance logo idea to maximise your chances of a successful submission.

Going forward we will also endeavor to better explain the reasons why your submission was turned down and offer feedback to help you get your artwork to a place we can all be happy with.

If you need assistance creating a high quality alliance logo check out the EVE Creatives Discord server in the #i-am-requesting-art-and-have-isk channel or a site like Fiverr or Freelancer where you can find graphic design professionals you can hire for small gigs like this.

It was never our intention to stifle your ability to express your group identity in New Eden and hopefully we will now land in a place where both players and CCP are happy with the content and quality of your alliance logos. If you have had your alliance logo submission rejected in the last six months on the grounds that it was too cute, cartoony or humorous then we invite you resubmit your logos for fresh consideration.


Thanks for the clarity.

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Great, corp custom logos when pls? :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you! Glad to hear that!

Setting up Alliance & Corps Logos on Ships is what most of us waited for long time.
Im rly happy to have my Alliance Logo on my Ship. Thank you CCP <3





We won’t retroactively apply the quality standard to “legacy” logos by forcing people to update but if anyone with a not-so-great alliance logo wants to submit a new one they’re welcome to.

Edited OP slightly to make that clearer.


Glad to see this change, and glad that CCP is willing to provide more detail to those who have dealt with rejected logos.


What about the use of trademarked or copyright materials not held by CCP or the logo creator?

That’s still against the alliance logo guidelines which has always been the case. If you spot a logo you that you think breaks that rule but has snuck through the review process please file a ticket and we’ll check it out.


I submitted mine for consideration some time ago and have heard nothing. Is there a way to get feedback or an ETA?

When are we going to have it so I don’t need the James Webb telescope in order to see a corp logo on a ship ?


When will we see an update to the corp logo creator? This expansion is all about More Power to Corps, but essential things like corp logos to express your identity are still from 30 years ago.


Watchu mean not so great, homie?

This seems like a good place to say that in RL I’m a creative professional with masses of experience (30+ years) in graphic design, logo creation and corporate branding as well as full familiarity with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign.

I’m happy to discuss design projects with any player, corporation or alliance on a no-obligation basis.

If you do need an alliance logo designed or maybe want a high-resolution logo variant created from your corporation’s in-game emblem, I can definitely help you, and for a pretty reasonable ISK cost.

In addition to supplying you with a .PNG file for in-game use (fully compliant with CCP’s Alliance Logo Standards), I can also supply anything I design for you as a high-resolution EPS, JPG or PDF file so that, in addition to in-game use, you’ll be able to put it onto T-shirts and so on.

To contact me, please do not reply to this forum post (it’ll just jam up the thread and will make me no friends) instead just send me an in-game email and we’ll take it from there.

I’m planning to offer a 10% discount to the three corps to use me.



If you’re not already in there you might consider joining the EVE Creatives Discord I linked in OP too!


When will the in-game corporation logo system reflect this same standard, then?


bruh why CCP gotta be throwin shade

:sweat_smile: :rofl: :joy:


Also, I’m kinda curious if these would be considered high-quality enough:

Cuz those could all be MS-Paint.