Alliance Logo!

(Tek Stalker) #1

Submitted an alliance logo May 3rd. Never got an email reply or acknowledgement from CCP. Would be awesome if they could be added before ATXV.

(ISD Max Trix) #2

Have you followed up with an support ticket?

(Tek Stalker) #3

I would rather saw my own arm off then deal with another Eve support ticket. Really every aspect of the support system is broke at this point. I have to verify my account every time i log into the Eve support site and go through the email verification process again

(Lord Kalus) #4

so you want things to magically work on their own with no input or feedback from yourself. you should consider atleast putting in as much effort as you expect CCP to, afterall alliance logos have to manually be input in to art assets and then wait to be pushed out in a game update. having to gasp log in to type out a ticket, while annoying to be sure, is not asking a lot.

(Tek Stalker) #5

Thanks Lord but the submission has been going on for months and so have the support tickets. Maybe consider that the 1st thing anyone says is submit a support ticket

(Tribal Trogdor) #6

Our group + another both got an email shortly before the June release saying ours had been approved and would be added shortly after the June release. We’re coming up on the July release and still nothing :frowning:

(Jensar Antak) #7

I feel your pain. NOS0V’s logo was approved in mid-May and we’re still waiting.

I periodically link this to Kyle

(Tora Bushido) #8

That’s nothing. :rage: Been waiting for our alliance billboard advert since March 2016, after being the first in Eve to ever send one in. No one gives a damn. GM’s say contact Devs, Devs say we dont do this use the e-mail. E-mail doesnt respond. Not even after 3-4 mails. I gave up. Pretty sure its done on purpose. The only other option would be terrible support and I’ve seen good support on all other things, so that cant be it.

(Celise Katelo) #9

Looks really good :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :+1: :smiley:

(Tribal Trogdor) #10

Still nothing on our end. Art team too busy with ship skins to do our logos :frowning:

(Nina Kolin) #11

How long does the logo wait after it is sent?

(Tek Stalker) #12

I got a reply and they are say 6 to 8 weeks. Nothing scheduled at this time

(Nora Maldoran) #13

Relevant (?)