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Anyone have any idea of how long you typically wait for alliance logos? We submitted ours a while ago but we haven’t even gotten a confirmation that it was received and acceptable. Since the email address says not to email to ask about it, I’m not sure of the follow-up path at this point. Anyone have any details they can share of their submission experience?

Hey it took around 2-3 months for us to get ours approved, we received no confirmation when we submitted just got an e-mail a few months later saying it would be added in on the next major patch day.

They approve them and then add them in to the game in batches on major patch days according to what they told me in the e-mail when ours was accepted.

Hope that helps some what.

Exact date wise was 21/09/16 we applied and got a reply on 15/11/16

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That’s perfect, thanks!

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I sent my email on 9th September and I still have no answer …

likely to get a reply closer to the next big patch

CCP Falcon answered me:
"We’re currently reviewing the process for Alliance Logo submissions after the recent restructuring at CCP, so at this time they’re on hold right now.

Keep an eye on the community news feed for more information on a new process in future."

and then

"All logos currently in the queue will be approved before the end of the year.

Any new ones will need to be delivered through the new process once it’s in place."

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I’m still waiting…

Our logo has been approved in december, also if I good remember it should be applied to the game “early January 2018”. But I received the confirmation email from ccp right after the review of my submission.

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Where can you find the “new process”?

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