Corp and alliance skins

For us to be able to make our own corp & alliance skins

I do think it is a good idea for a corp to have its own Skin for its members… Alliance on the other hands may be too much.

I thought about this the other day, it’d be really cool, but there’s two problems that came up: the sheer amount of corps and alliances in the game (be it already established or the fact that each and every player can make their own corps) and how it would be made.

The number or corps and alliances is a database issue - how many skins per corp, per alliance, per ship, etc, that would clog things up really, really fast.

The ‘how it’d be done’ entails one of two: CCP making them, or players making them - players would either need a particular tool to make them in-game or compile them outside using assorted 3rd-party programs and then submit it to CCP to include them, both being onerous on CCPs side.

I’m not against this, but I just think it’d entail too much work for the benefit.

And that is why they didn’t give us the control to create skins. =)

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Why not just a “paint job” that has the option of putting your corp / alliance logo on your ship?

I can’t imagine a simple color tool would be too insanely massive to implement, and of course, the ships would look crappy compared to the actual skins, but hey, snowflakism ftw!

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