Custom Corp/Alliance skins, Flags, and Flagships

Why lying in bed last night I had a thought for a cool feature CCP could add to the game. Here are my ideas.

Corp and Alliance Skins:

CCP should make a feature where the alliance CEO can make a skin for up to 20 ships (doctrines) that can be given out to all of its members for free, but the alliance would have to pay a large sum of cash for the skins. Then, corp CEO’s can make small variations to the skin making the corp skin unique. Corporations without a alliance would not be able to do this, and the alliance has to be active and it must have existed for at least 6 months.

Corp Flags:

CCP should make it that a alliance that can fill the same requirements gets to make a flag. The flag would then be able to go around structures, be on advertising structures in the future, ect. The flag would then be able to be applied to a flag ship, which I will talk about later.

Structure Skins:

Exactly like corp and alliance skins just it can be applied to structures.


Now this is the most interesting idea I had. What if CCP added a type of ship that maybe could fit into multiple classes (Frigate, Cruiser, Battleship, Capital). The ship would provide fleet support, but it can only fit one weapon. The one weapon would be a small, charge up doomsday of some kind. It would supply fleet burst, maybe a bit of rep like a fax, but a lot smaller. This ship would have big hangers, and act overall as the main support of the fleet. The coolest feature is it can project a huge flag, and it does something called battle cry where it makes some sort of intimidating visual or sound effect that also give boost to the fleet. The point is that the corp can only own one flagship at a time, and they choose the roles of the flagship changing its shape, looks, boost, and role in a fleet battle.

The ship would be tanky for its size, but it lacks in other features such as remote rep, cap transfer, or boost, so it does not get rid of other fleet roles. The primary use would be a 1 time boost to the fleet, be a flag, and use a doomsday where they cant usually be fired (wormholes and highsec). Ships would be able to anchor and refit on it, they would be able to repair anchored on it, and it would act like storage. The entire thing needs to be expensive, and it needs to act like a force multiplier because the corp can only have one at a time.

All numbers are up to CCP. Tell me what you think!!!

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