Custom colors

I was thinking that, skins are one thing, but it would be very good if we could also custom paint our ships and i mean to preserve each applied skin’s design, but re-color it, with different types of paint. Metallic, chrome, matte etc etc, except ofc for skins that are not supposed to change color, like the Police ones.

Each player has his/her unique taste of visual, that a skin alone cannot satisfy if custom colors cannot complete it, just like it happens with a car, or a bike for example, that someone orders it to come with the color of his choice or apply an art paint on it. This ability of re-coloring i suggest to be implemented as standard tool. I would be happy to see it available. Please give it a thought devs.

As much as I would love to be able to custom paint my ships, I’d rather CCP be able to maximize their skin revenue, than see them implement more ■■■■ that toes the P2W line.

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CCP was looking like they were going to do this before skins came out, but then they did skins instead so here we are.

They probably could have a set of colors that you can make in game, and then a set of premium colors available for plex or something. (similar to some other games). Having corp/alliance logo on ships would be nice too.


Gameplayers are terrible for this kind of thing. For every person creating a great looking custom colour ship… there will be a few who make ‘hot garbage’ looking crap.
Plenty of trolls would love ganking in dayglow-pink ships etc.

Eve prides itself on having a specific look and I am sure CCP does not want garbage stupid looking custom coloured ships on screenshots and videos all over the internet.

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